Video: Vampire Bats Are Feeding on Human Blood

Basic Stuffs About Vampire Bats?

Is it true that vampire bats are feeding on human blood?

Lot of people love vampire movies and stories, but how many of you are into vampire bats? This is the only living specie we know about, that’s consuming blood as a main resource to stay alive.  They can’t resist on any blood, especially Cows blood. They are not human-friendly, in fact they are not friendly to any other species, different from theirs.

This Cute Vampire Bats Are Feeding On Human Blood

We the humans lack an education a lot on this field. Vampire bats exist, but they are not dangerous as you may think. Before we start explaining their natural habits and characteristics, we would like to mention few things. Maybe, it sounds interesting to keep these animals as pets, but that would be terrible idea. You cannot tame vampire bats, they don’t like to receive commands from others. You can only hurt yourself if you are considering this.

We can suggest to you some other exotic animals that can be good as domestic pets.

Consider Other Animals Before You Choose The Vampire Bats

Don’t Complicate Your Life, Consider Other Animals Such As:

Cute Sugar Glider Eating

Plus keeping Vampire bats in captivity is not just bad for your health, it’s bad for theirs as well. Some of these animals on the list, requires a lot of special needs, so you might consider twice before you buy one. In any case, these animals are far better as pets than the Vampire bats. Plus vampire bats are feeding on human blood, so you better not keep one.

Vampire Bats During The Night

During the night vampire bats are feeding on human blood and this is why

It’s a common fact for every breed of bats, not just for the Vampire bats that they are nocturnal animals. What does that means? Well, it means that they’re sleeping during the day and they’re awake when it’s dark. When most of the species sleep during the night, these little creatures are hunting.

How Vampire Bats Hunt?

Vampire bats sleep during the day in total darkness, suspended upside down somewhere in a cave. They almost always gather in colonies of about 100-200 animals, but sometimes they live in groups of 1,000 or more bats.

After the night falls  the vampire bats are starting to emerge and go hunting. They target sleeping cattle or horses but they are also known to feed on chicken and people as well.

The Vampire bats are drinking victim’s blood for about 30 minutes, so after they remove enough blood they leave. They never remove enough blood to harm their host, but it is known their bites to cause dangerous infections and sometimes even disease.

How Many Vampire Bats Can Be Found at One Place?

This Group of Vampire Bats Are Feeding On Human Blood

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They usually hide in groups of 100-1000 bats in one cave or at some other place that’s without lights.  The cave is not the only place they can be found. Those of you who are living in South And North America, you might want to secure the following things

  • Garage – The most common place where you can find a group of bats in a living area is in a garage. You might want to check out your garage if you’re living in a house because Vampire bats can be seriously dangerous for your kids.
  • Attic – Another disadvantage for those who are living in a house. The second most common place where Vampire bats can be found is at the attic. Sometimes, if you hear noises coming from your attic, stay calm and wait till the morning so you can find them unprepared.
  • Stable – This is very important for those of you who are into horse breeding. Vampire bats love to take blood out from horses and the stable provides them with fresh blood and a home without lights.

What Do They Usually Eat?

According to one scientific research from Brazil these vampire bats are feeding on human and chicken blood. Although, they’re stating that the Vampire bats can’t survive just from these 2 types of blood.

Sometimes, they might be looking for a group of birds that can satisfy their needs. Why? Because humans and chickens don’t have that level of water and fat in their blood.

Vampire Bats Are Feeding On Human Blood

The Vampire bats are feeding on human blood because catching a bird in air can be quite a difficult mission. Vampire bats can sometimes be very lazy creatures so they love to find a easy target like humans and chickens.

Why We Shouldn’t Extinct Them?

Because Bats in general are playing the same role as the birds and the bees. They take a huge part in the pollination process and thanks to them we have Avocado, Peaches and Mangoes to stay healthy. Vampire bats are just one breed from many others and we need to mention that their biting can’t kill anybody, but can cause a serious infection that needs a medical attention.

Video: Vampire Bats Are Feeding On Human Blood

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