Dogs are man’s best friend. This saying has been around for many years. However, no one actually knows how long people and domesticated dogs have been side by side.

Luckily, a team of archaeologists might finally have the answer to this question. This team found a tooth to further back up the aforementioned statement that dogs are indeed man’s best friend.

It has been discovered that prehistoric travelers were accompanied by an Alsatian on a journey going from York to Stonehenge. Furthermore, the tooth that was discovered was later found to be around 7,000 years!

That makes the dog tooth older than the Pyramids! The oldest remains of a dog ever to be found were approximately 12,450 years. Still, there was no evidence that this dog was accompanied by humans, which makes the discovery of the 7,000 year old dog tooth all the more exciting!

The team of archaeologists from the University of Buckingham made this discovery near Wiltshire in the United Kingdom, at a place known as Blick Mead. After the dog tooth was retrieved, it was taken for analysis in Durham University.

Their analysis showed that the dog would be quite similar to today’s Alsatian (more commonly known as German Shepherd) in shape, size and even color.

However, some experts have argued about the origins of the dog. Even though the tooth was discovered near Stonehenge, the chemical signatures of the tooth’s enamel actually show that the prehistoric dog drank water from York.

If this is correct, that would mean that the prehistoric dog traveled 250 miles alongside humans. This just adds to the mystery of Stonehenge, given the fact that this prehistoric journey happened 2,000 before it was built.

During that time, if humans took dogs along to travel with them, they must have been going to a very important place.
This discovery isn’t only important for domesticated dogs. It also revealed a very interesting fact about the humans from that time period.

According to a spokesperson from the University of Buckingham, it wasn’t known until now that people from that period of time traveled such distances. Moreover, the prehistoric dog would have been prized and could have been brought to Stonehenge to be traded.

This would mean that trading dogs has been a practice for thousands of years and it continues to be so to this day (even though nowadays we mostly ‘’trade’’ dogs for money)!

The dog tooth wasn’t the only thing that was discovered by the team of archaeologists from the University of Buckingham. Evidence found on the site revealed that people traveled a lot and met in order to trade and exchange knowledge.

Like we previously mentioned, Stonehenge is still covered in mystery. This discovery will definitely help scientists to try and figure out what exactly Stonehenge is.

Nonetheless, we are happy that among the many things discovered, one was a dog tooth. This just shows that the bond humans and animals share has been there since thousands of years ago, and hopefully, this practice will continue for another thousands of years!

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