Have you heard about “The Lion Whisperer”? He is globally known South African animal behaviorist and his real name is Kevin Richardson.  This is the story of Kevin and Aslan friendship.

Kevin knew Aslan since he was just a cub. Due to his wonderful white coat, Aslan always stood out from his bunch.  He was the only pure white lion among pack full with brown lions. Accidentally, in the past years, Aslan lost two of his vital canines. Since then, Aslan became more isolated and nervous. The formerly brave and self-confident lion has now become distant and unfriendly.


Kevin couldn’t let Aslan stay like that, so he teamed up with Fixodent denture adhesives to fix his problem. Their ultimate goal was to save Aslan’s life and to place him back on the top of the food chain. Next, they gathered an amazing medical staff to give Aslan two root canals. During their intervention, they managed to fix a few of his unhealthy teeth as well.


The result was indescribable! Thanks to the incredible work of the doctors and employees at Fixodent and Kevin together, Aslan finally got his bite back. At the end of the video, you can see that Aslan is happy to return to his pack. He even allows Kevin to rub his muzzle. Open this video and see the amazing change by yourself!

Once you watch it you will find out why this video won an award at Cannes Film Festival and has almost 13 million views worldwide!

Note: Please know that the video below contains a graphical surgical procedure starting from 3:10 to 3:58.  If you don’t want to watch that part, skip through it!

These people are indeed animal heroes for saving Aslan. Therefore, please share this video with your friends and spread this amazing story!

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