Everyone loves a good story with a happy ending. Today, we decided to share a story just like that so that your day can get a little bit better. This story is about a black Labrador mix named Charlie Bear and his owner Kelly O’Connell.

Their adventure started around 15 years ago, when Kelly was 19, and Charlie was just a little puppy. The dog had been found left in a shopping cart, in the winter! Luckily for him, he was taken to a shelter. This is where Kelly first saw Charlie. Even though she wasn’t looking to adopt a dog, seeing Charlie caused a change of heart. She knew that she has to make him her pet. Kelly adopted Charlie and together they moved on with their lives.

Years passed, and eventually, Kelly fell in love with James Garvin. With both of them being veterinarians, they knew that Charlie had to attend their wedding. However, being 15 years old, the dog’s health had started to decline. As a matter of fact, he had been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

It was clear that Charlie didn’t have much time left. Kelly had actually arranged for Charlie to be put down just a week before the wedding. The dog already had five seizures, and he was in pain. However, something happened, as if Charlie wanted to live just enough to see the wedding himself. As Kelly puts it, he got better.

The wedding day came and Charlie was in attendance. He was even able to go down the aisle. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make it back. This was when the maid of honor decided to pick him up and carry him down the aisle. Jen Dziuvenis, the wedding photographer, captured this moment with her camera. She even wrote a post saying that there is not enough mascara in the world for moments such as this one.


Jen the photographer was close to the maid of honor, Kelly’s sister. She knew about Charlie and his health however she didn’t know how dire it was. Furthermore, she had no idea that the dog was at the wedding until she showed up to the wedding to shoot it. This is when she learned that many people thought Charlie wouldn’t make it to the wedding. Even though he did, he only had a few days left after it. Nonetheless, everyone was overwhelmed with joy due to the fact that Charlie lived just enough to see his owner get married.


Being a veterinarian, Kelly was familiar with the conversation about putting the pet down. Her method of knowing is simple. She asks pet owners to number 5 things the dog enjoyed, if they can’t do 3 or more, it is time. With Charlie, the answer was more than evident. He used to be her marathon training buddy, and seeing him unable to walk a few feet was devastating. Nevertheless, Charlie Bear was very happy at the wedding. He might have been living the last moments of his life, but he was happy that he got to see his owner get married.

In the end, all we can say is that Charlie was a lucky dog, who was loved by his owners and lived 15 happy years.


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