Dogs are amazing creatures. They have been by our side for thousands of years, and will continue to be there in the future.

Even though most people see dogs as pets, they can be useful for many things. We have already written about military dogs, and today we are taking a look at service dogs! A service dog is trained to help its owners. Anyone from people with visual impairment, hearing impairment, post-traumatic stress disorder or even immobile people can have their own service dogs.

Nevertheless, today’s article focuses on one particular service dog named Harlow. Over time, she has gained a fan base on the Internet, thanks to the dog’s owner, Jaquie Blake, who started sharing the moments she has with the lovable Golden Retriever.

Jaquie Blake suffers from a disorder that affects her nervous system. Due to her condition, she is very limited in what she can do in her life. This is where Harlow helps. For the past 15 months, Harlow has been training in order to become a service dog, as well as a medical alert.


Needless to say, she has flourished. Harlow can nowadays get a bottle from the refrigerator without a problem. She can start the dishwasher and even put away the laundry! Simply put, Harlow is an amazing service dog.

Furthermore, Harlow has been trained to notify her owner, 20 year old Jaquie Blake, if she senses anything bad. As Jaquie puts it, her life would have been vastly different if Harlow wasn’t by her side. She couldn’t even leave her house, yet alone attend college to try and become an occupational therapist.

In order to track her service dog’s progress, Jaquie started an Instagram account for Harlow one year ago. Today, this account has over 80,000 followers. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise though. Harlow can get her leash, house keys as well as anything dropped by Blake.

One of the most famous moments Harlow has had was when she retrieved a water bottle from the fridge after Jaquie told her that she is thirsty. The dog even knows that she has to close the fridge door! Harlow’s intelligence is outstanding and it greatly helps Jaquie.


Whenever Jaquie needs to get her medication, but is unable to move, Harlow will bring her anything she needs. Harlow’s growing popularity also has another positive effect. As Jaquie put it, Harlow helps to spread the awareness that service dogs aren’t used only by people bound to wheelchairs. Jaquie’s disorder is ‘’invisible’’, and unless people see her lying on the floor, they won’t even know she has a disorder.

Luckily for Jaquie, Harlow has helped tremendously in letting people know that service dogs can be helpful to pretty much anyone. We are glad that a girl like Jaquie has a service dog like Harlow, which allows the 20 year old girl to pursue a brighter future. As for Harlow, there isn’t much left to be said. This Golden Retriever is one astounding dog, and we are happy that Harlow has found her calling in life.

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