Everyone wants to ride an elephant. But not many of us know about the painful truth behind this popular activity. In order to stay quiet and smooth during the ride, elephants are exposed to taming practices. This practice is known as crushing and is forced on wild elephants to push them to carry tourist on their back.


The process of crushing is really cruel and is performed when elephants are very young. Actually, it is a way of intentionally destroying the spirits of animals so people can use them.  Crushing combine tying up, torturing and beating an elephant until it surrenders.

In May 2015, senior wildlife and veterinary adviser at World Animal Protection, Dr. Jan Schmidt-Burbach told The Dodo that a regular tourist thinks that before-mentioned activity doesn’t cause any harm. However, the truth is completely opposite of that.  In fact, elephants are endangered by cruelty and ruthlessness in every turn with the main goal – to break their spirit to the point that they let humans interact with them.

Till today we don’t know the exact number of elephants that suffer this torture every year. Still, it is concluded that capture and so-called training of young elephants is one of the biggest threats to the whole elephant population.

This horrifying process of training usually begins when young elephants are taken from their mothers. Later, they are caged, starved to death and constantly beaten.  Moreover, some of the crushing treatments include keeping the elephants awake for days.  Because of the tourist demands for this activity, as well as due to the demand for other forms of amusement like circuses, this practice will continue to grow.


In addition to that, the training of captive elephants in the USA, which require hitting elephants with painful bull hooks and tying them with ropes, is equally degrading as the crushing process.

The law doesn’t help much either. Although the capture of wild animals is supposed to be illegal, still in most cases the law is hard to apply. The problem lies in the perception that once an elephant has been forced into submission the law doesn’t apply and it shifts. In that case, the same elephants are treated not as wild animals, but as a captive, which means there is no more law protection.

The most depressing fact is that once broken, their spirits can never completely be restored.

So, the whole well-being of elephants is in danger because of our negligence and ignorance. Change that today!

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