Dogs are a man’s best friend, and this statement couldn’t be more accurate.

Throughout our history together, we have studied dogs quite thoroughly. One of the most common facts that you will hear concerning dogs is the fact that they are colorblind.

However, a recent study has showed that this isn’t exactly true! As it turns out, they can see colors, just not as many as people.

This misconception also holds true for people as well. When someone hears that a person (or in this particular case, a dog) is colorblind, they will almost instantly conclude that they can’t see ANY color.

This isn’t entirely true, because most colorblind people (and dogs) are unable to see only a few colors. To sum it all up, the good thing is that dogs don’t see everything around them in black and white!

According to Dana Humphrey, a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, dogs color vision range is limited to two colors, blue and yellow. That means that any other color is like gray to them.

Jay Neitz, a color vision scientist, has done several studies on dogs and their ability to perceive colors. As this scientist puts it, the eyes of dogs have only two cones, or color detecting cells.

These cones provide dogs with the ability to distinguish between yellow and blue, but not between red and green.

Dogs see both red and green colors as gray. Furthermore, they see rainbows completely different than humans. Most humans see all 7 colors of the rainbow, unlike dogs that only see a variation of three colors! They see the rainbow as dark and light gray, dark and light blue and dark and light yellow.

Also, dogs are quite farsighted in comparison to humans. Luckily, neither their colorblindness nor their farsightedness bothers them too much, so you have nothing to worry about!

If you want to help them out in any way, you can purchase a blue or yellow toy, so that they can actually see the color.

Also, there is a website where you can upload pictures to see how dogs see what is in the picture you have uploaded.

All of this info however raises another question. If they can see some colors and are farsighted, can they see what is on TV?

Those that own dogs know all too well just how glued a dog can be to a television.

According to a professor at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, dogs can see what’s on TV just as good as they can see the outside world in general.

Although they might have some trouble with older TVs, they can see films without a problem on any newer TV.

They might not understand what is going on TV, but they can definitely see it! The only difference is the colors, as they will perceive everything as gray, blue or yellow.

Nonetheless, we can all safely agree that we will continue to watch TV with our dogs, because it is more than obvious that they enjoy it quite a lot!

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