Have you ever thought of getting a raccoon as a pet? We all know and adore raccoons from our cartoons and animated movies, but what is a real raccoon in actual life?

There is an ongoing debate in the last period in the pet community of whether raccoons can be pets or not. There are mixed views and judgments to this subject.

Some will say that raccoons are wild animals and they can be unreliable and dangerous for you because there are cases in which they attacked people. Another will say that though they are not a classical domestic pet still if you left them outside, they will not succeed to survive by themselves.

In addition to that, most raccoon owners claim that they can truly be a surprisingly good pet, as long as you have a patience and time to plead their every need. Later they say that forcing a family who owns a raccoon to give him up can be as distasteful as forcing a family to give up their dog.

Following that, we have an amazing story about Pumpkin the raccoon and her new family.

The event happened in the Bahamas when Rosie Kemp, found a baby raccoon that fell from a tree. Rosie and her daughter Laura Young tried to find the mother, but sadly she was missing. They couldn’t leave the tiny raccoon alone so decided to adopt her and gave her the name Pumpkin.

Soon after, Pumpkin healed from all injuries and began living with Young and her husband. Today, Young shares an interesting story for The Dodo about this little bandit. She said that apparently, Pumpkin thinks that she is a dog. Once they moved in together, Pumpkin bonded with the two rescue dogs and then started to follow them and Young around no matter where they go.  This small raccoon played rough with the other dogs, but still respects when they want to rest.

Check the sweet pictures and see what happened.


It all started when Rosie Kemp found a tiny newborn raccoon with a broken leg in her yard.


The raccoon was left abandoned so she and her daughter couldn’t leave her alone so they adopted her.


When they meet, Pumpkin and the two rescue dogs bonded quickly


She started stalking the dogs, no matter where they go


She probably thinks that she is a dog as well.



Pumpkin respects their rest time, but at the same time can play with them roughly.


Raising Pumpkin is not so easy. It is really a full-time job


Raccoons are strangely intelligent animals.

I believe that sometimes they are even capable of expressing their emotions9

So now when you read this story, what do you think? Would you raise a raccoon? In case you choose to do so, one thing is for sure, it will make your life extremely entertaining! 

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