Have You Noticed Your Cat Jumping In a Box? Is That Weird Or Just a Natural Instinct? (+Video)

Reason 3 – Resting

The other reason why the reason number two might be a false alarm is this. Cats love to sleep, in average they sleep from 17 to 20 hours a day.

Funny Cat In Box

Can you imagine being active for only 5 hours and then get back to sleep? Cats are awesome we know. And that is why you have to get your cat a box, it would be helpful not only for you, but for your cat also.

Why are you harassing my amazing sleeping box?

Cat Gets Harassed while sleeping

You will be aware if your cat is hunting something in your house or maybe she is hiding and running away from the loved ones and in the best scenario your cat will use that box just for sleeping, like Garfield. That’s the best way to find out your cats mood.

Garfield in a Box


Cats are not only attractive by boxes, they can act in the same way if you draw them a circle or something that will fit them as those items will. But if you have any dilemma what to choose, then we will recommend you boxes, because it’s easy to make one or to find one

Here you can see this hilarious video compilation of cats in boxes and you’ll see that it’s only a natural instinct:

We hope that this will clear all dilemmas you had about this subject and if you’ve enjoyed in this article, maybe you’ll be interested in this one if you are into dogs’. Love your pet and take care of it, always keep educating yourself because there’s always something new that you will learn.

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