Have You Noticed Your Cat Jumping In a Box? Is That Weird Or Just a Natural Instinct? (+Video)

Most of us are amazed how our cats do some of the stuff they usually do.
Some cats are just acting weird, it’s a common thing for them, but jumping in a box is something that comes from their wild ancestors and it is a natural instinct they are not aware of. There are 3 reasons behind all of this and they may surprise you.

Reason 1 – Hunting

Did you know that wild Cats are known as great hunters, because of their patience and quick skills. While they observing their prey they like to sit in a places where they can’t be seen.

A one box is all they need and in fact they can stay whole day in there and waiting for its prey to forget about the danger that is coming after him. So that’s why we connected this with domesticated cats and their way of thinking.

Cat and Fish Tank

They can’t control their desire for boxes and absolutely adores them, probably because that’s their natural instinct and you shouldn’t worry if you notice your cat doing this, but you should be aware that your cat maybe is preparing for a hunt, because of a mouse that’s hiding in your house and you can’t detect it with your eyes

Reason 2 – Hiding or at least trying…

Cat vs Box

Cats love to hide and to be alone sometimes, away from everybody. Yes it’s true. Cats love humans, but they love when they are all alone and if box pops out they’ll take advantage of it.

Cat in Box

Or they think are supermen…

Cat Trying to Get in Box

How cats react when they sense their life is coming to an end?
Cats can sense when their life is coming to an end. So when they sense something like this they usually run from their owner.That would be the case if you live in a house, but if you live in apartment or in a flat and your cat is closed in there you might take into consideration that your cat’s life maybe is in danger and you need to take her to the vet immediately.

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