It is safe to say that most people love animals. However, not everyone shares pictures of cats and dogs on the Internet. Some people are more adventurous, and would gladly go to places to witness animals in their natural habitat.

One zoo in China knew exactly how to use this. If you were by any chance searching for something that will get your adrenaline pumping, you are in luck! Today, we decided to write about the Lehe Ledu wildlife zoo that is located in Chongqing city, China. It is probably the most unique zoo in the world, because it is the people who are caged instead of the animals! Sounds weird?


Zoos can be a little controversial at times. They really help with their breeding programs and the research they do on the animals. However, seeing a caged animal is always a little hard. Every animal deserves to freely roam the land. This is probably exactly what this zoo thought about. Lehe Ledu wildlife zoo has lions, tigers and bears.

What makes this zoo unique is the fact that they all roam free. If you want to visit this particular zoo, you will be locked inside a cage in the back of a truck and the truck will drive you around the zoo. This way, you will have a VERY close encounter with the wild animals!


Even though it sounds unbelievable, this is real. In order for the animals to come close to the cage, visitors are given frozen food. When the tigers, lions and bears sense that there is food nearby, they won’t hesitate much to come close to the cage to get the food! Imagine being in the cage and seeing a tiger just several inches away from you! That has to be a remarkable feeling.

If you have an adventurous spirit and love animals at the same time, visiting this zoo is an absolute must! However, you need to book tickets first. When this zoo launched this attraction in 2015, it was sold out for 3 months straight!

Apparently, this zoo wanted to give their visitors the sensation of being hunted by wild animals, without actually getting hurt. Luckily, there have been no accidents so far. It has also attracted lots of tourists, due to the unique experience that this zoo offers. After getting used to seeing the animals from a distance, we are not surprised that this attraction is so popular among people.


Some people have criticized the Lehe Ledu zoo for this attraction, deeming it to be too dangerous. Other people have praised the zoo for giving the animals a chance to actually roam free.

Whatever you thoughts are, one thing is sure. This zoo is offering a very unique experience and a chance to see the animals from up close. If you have ever wanted to feed a lion or a tiger, this is the place to be! You will undoubtedly have the time of your life!

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