The world is filled with a myriad of different animals. To put it simply, the biodiversity of the animal kingdom is truly astounding. All animals are different and special in their own way.

Some are dangerous, some are big, some are more likeable than others, and then there are some that are liked by all! We are talking about pandas of course!

It is kind of hard to find something NOT to like about the black and white bears. They have been an icon of China for many years, and continue to be even to this day. Just a while back they were even removed from the critically endangered list, which made every panda lover in the world happy.

Due to the protection they receive, panda behavior has been thoroughly documented and researched. Even so, they still find a way to amuse us by doing something we are not used to. This recognizable animal is the topic of today’s article.

Today, we are writing about an event that happened in the Taipei zoo. This ‘’incident’’ involves a small baby panda and its mother. Mommy panda thought that her baby was taking a nap, and it was casually eating some food. Much to her surprise, the small panda bear was actually wide awake and wandering around the zoo.

Just like most animal younglings, the panda is a curious individual. However, the same cannot be said about adult pandas. After seeing that her baby is wandering around, the mother panda decided to take action!

She came next to the cub, grabbed him by the neck and gently dragged him back with her! We didn’t know that pandas are so protective of their kids, but that is a good thing to know. After dragging him back to the corner where she was eating, mommy panda picked her baby up and started to cuddle with him. We guess that pandas take their naps very seriously.

This whole event was caught happened in the indoor enclosure for the pandas in the Taipei zoo, a reputable zoo and the largest zoo in Asia. Don’t worry though, because the pandas that inhabit this zoo also have a large outdoor area where they can enjoy themselves. We presume that the baby panda is still too young to be let outside.

Nonetheless, we are very happy to see pandas being protected from going extinct. Due to many factors, from habitat loss to very low birth rates, pandas were one of the species that were endangered. Luckily, much effort was put into saving the lovable bears and the effort was very successful.

Nowadays, many zoos have their own pandas and they are stars no matter where you go! We just hope that zoos throughout the world will continue to protect pandas, as well as other animals that are facing extinction, and that they will continue do to research to aid the preservation of animal species. With that being said, we can now let you enjoy a pleasant read regarding the panda mom and her misbehaved little cub.

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