With the Christmas season approaching fast, many people are pondering what to buy for their loved ones.

Well, if someone close and dear to you is a caring person that loves animals, we are sure that getting them a kitten would be a perfect gift!

This is why we decided to write about 12 adorably cute kittens that took part in a Christmas themed photo shoot.

All of these kittens reside in the Animal Welfare League’s Ingleside Shelter. Some of them have even been adopted since posing for the pictures.

Furthermore, if you are unable to adopt, you can still help out the shelter by donating! By doing so, you will help the staff to continue the care for all sheltered animals. With that being said, we can move on and meet all cats that were pictured!

1. Koko

First off is Koko, a 3 month old female stray kitten. She was brought in after a storm, and has been in the shelter ever since. Due to her high energy and playfulness, the shelter thinks that she will fit perfectly in a busy home.

2. Liam

Second is Liam, a male stray cat that is a year old. He and his brother Noel were transferred to the shelter from a local clinic. According the shelter, he is a curious cat that would be perfect for a young family or couple.

3. Sooty

Coming in third is Sooty, a black male cat that was abandoned by his previous owner. He was in the shelter since June of 2016, but luckily, he got adopted! We hope that the new owner (or owners) will take better care of the lovable kitty.

4. Alucia

At number 4 we have Alucia, an eight month old female cat. Just like Sooty, she too was abandoned by her previous owner, and has been in the shelter since May. Hopefully, she will get adopted soon, and the shelter thinks that she would be better off in a home that doesn’t have children.

5. Donald

Fifth on our list is Donald, a completely white cat that has been abandoned by the previous owner. Unlike most other cats in the shelter, Donald was raised as an indoor cat, and enjoys playing with toys.

6. Belle

In the middle of our list is Belle, a remarkably cute cat with a black nose. She is only a year old, and is known for being very quiet and affectionate.

7. Whisper

Number 7 is reserved for Whisper, a grey cat who apparently loved to lick her nose. At six years old, she was one of the older cats in the shelter, and has since been adopted into a new home.

8. Lizzy

At number 8 we have Lizzy, a five year old female cat that had to be given to the shelter after her previous owner went into a care facility. Luckily, she has since been adopted.

9. Pirelli

The number 9 spot is reserved is for Pirelli (yes, he is named exactly like the company). The reason he was given this name is because this lovable stray cat was found underneath a car engine. He is only eight months old and very playful, so hopefully he will get adopted by a family that will give him lots of love.

10. Chester

At number 10 is Chester, an 11 month old black and white male cat. Unlike most cats on this list, Chester is relatively shy, but he does enjoy company. A family with prior experience with cats would be great for this kitty.

11. Lorna

11th on the list is Lorna, a year old cat that is very playful. She would be perfect for an owner without little kids.

12. Sarina

Last on the list is Sarina, the oldest cat in this group at 10 years of age. She is used to being around kids and would be perfect for inexperienced owners.

For more information visit the Animal Welfare League’s web-site.

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