Are you tired of collecting dog hair everywhere around your house? Shedding hair can really be uncomfortable and annoying when you take your dog out for your social events. Fortunately, somebody came up with an idea to make dog- sized leotards.

Leotards are the brainchild of Tyson Walters, the founder of the Shed Defender Company. They are really cute, easy to wear and come in different forms depending on the dog shape. The best part is that they are really lightweight and are made out of breathable material.


Tyson Walters is also an owner of an extremely furry Saint Bernard, named Harley. Every time they took a ride together, his car was completely filled with Harley’s hair. The hair was even in the fabric and it was almost impossible to remove it.

Tyson searched for a solution online, but still there were none. Within the moment he decided to create one! Soon after, he came up with the idea of dog leotard.

Shed Defender leotards are an excellent way to make your dog look like a small superhero. Additionally, the garment reduces the spread and danger to the minimum so they can be really convenient for somebody who has dog allergies.


However, don’t forget that leotards will not prevent or stop the shedding!  You still need to brush your dog. This will only help to keep it in check when is needed.

But this is not all that one leotard can offer. So, when your dog wears it outside it will keep him clean and if it is cold will make him feel warmer. Also, if your dog has any skin difficulty or stitches, it can be used as a replacement to the dreaded cone of shame. Leotards can help with anxious dogs and ease their nervousness when there are moments of stress.

According to the recommendation by Shed Defender, leotards should be used for a short period of time, meaning that they should not be used constantly, but when is necessary. The dog should be properly brushed after using it so that it can keep a healthy coat. As we said before the fabric of this product allows enough airflow, so overheating will not be a problem.

The best part about leotards is they are easy to put on and easy to take off. Consequently, you will not need much time to convince your dog to dress up.


According to Shed Defender, veterinarians gave a mark of approval for this product. On Shed Defender page you will see a narrative that speaks about the first few days of using this product which says:

“Every dog reacts differently to the Shed Defender, sometimes it can take a while for dogs to get comfortable in any type of garment, including the Shed Defender. They might walk a little funny or pick up their hind legs when they walk, but just give it time and they will soon forget they are even wearing it.”

Further, within the text, they say that there is a chance that some dogs may refuse the idea of wearing a leotard. Still, they hope that wearing this will contribute benefits to dogs in a general way. Shed Defenders decided to donate a share of the profits of every garment to the local animal shelters in order to help homeless pets.

In general, people love the idea of leotards. It makes the dog look cute and charming. Walter said then whenever he and Harley are out and she is wearing her leotard, people take pictures and ask where to buy one! One of the bestselling colors is actually hot pink!

Can you image something cuter than a Saint Bernard in a hot pink leotard? It is very cool and fashionable!

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