Junior Hippo Desperately Wants To Hang Out With A Crocodile (Video)

Wild Animals are very similar with us, they are social beings and as well. They love to hang out and to have fun sometimes when they’re not hunting. Thanks to National Geographic every day we have amazing video broadcasting and photos from wild animals that are breathtaking.

Hippo and Crocodile Hang Out

We don’t know how many of you have seen this video with a junior Hippo that is trying desperately to hang out with a Crocodile. This video is definitely worth of the time watching.

What’s The Content?

It’s about one chubby Hippo that will make you laugh and at the same time you will feel a little bit sad about him. Why? Well, the Crocodile doesn’t want to hang out and is trying to hurt the Hippo, but he won’t give up. This story make us wonder, if one Hippo can put aside all the difference between their species, just to hang out a bit, then why are we (The People) keep acting like this Crocodile?

Brighten Up

There is so much negativity all around us, which is the main reason why we are so desperate for changes. Let those changes be a more educated society, about a lot of things, with higher sense of empathy for the living beings. We need to eliminate  all that politics and violence from the media and we need to brighten up our lives more with positive news, vibrations and we have to build great friendships so we can all hang out more.

On the TV you can’t find anything positive these days, that’s why all of you have to do your research. The best source for these things are definitely YouTube. Now, let’s get back to the story about this two fellas. We didn’t mention, but the best part is probably coming when a group of Elephants is chasing our chubby friend who just wants to hang out a bit. The story is without a happy end for this Hippopotamus, but it’s quite interesting to watch.


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