Woman Knits Wool Jumpers For Her Chickens In Order To Keep Them Warm.

In this modern day and age, there are products for everyone’s taste! Today we will cover a topic about fashion.

However, we are not talking about fashion for people. A woman from England has started to knit small jumpers for none other than her chickens! Yes, you read that correctly! A growing trend in England is for chickens to wear wool jumpers!

We have seen dogs wearing clothes, but this is the first time we have stumbled upon chickens wearing any kind of cloth. Nevertheless, we think this is an excellent idea!


With winter arriving very soon, people living in farms have to take some precautionary measures, given the fact that most farm animals are not suited for the cold. Chickens in particular are not fond of the cold weather.

This is especially true for battery hens. Battery hens spend most of their lifetime in cages, in order for them to lay more eggs. Because of this, they have a really hard time accustoming to colder weather.

They have a lack of feathers which is not particularly problematic during the warmer summer months, but as soon as winter comes, their lack of feathers becomes an issue. Luckily, one English woman came up with a remarkably simple, yet effective idea of keeping her chickens warm. She decided to knit them woolly jumpers.

Nicola Congdon, a 25 year old woman living in Falmouth, England, has around 60 chickens. However, about 30 of them are former battery hens and they can’t bear cold temperatures. Nicola says that it is very important to raise awareness about the conditions in which the hens live.

Battery hens live in small cages in which they constantly lay eggs. It has been estimated that around 60% of the global production of eggs were in fact produced using battery cages! However, it is not all that bad. Usage of battery cages has been banned in the European Union and rightfully so. Numerous scientists observed abnormal behavior in hens living in cages, which sometimes included cannibalism. Hopefully, the usage of battery cages will be dismissed in the near future.


Until that happens, Nicola Congdon will have her former battery hens to knit woolly jumpers for. She and her mother, Ann, have even started receiving requests from other hen keepers wanting jumpers for their chickens as well!

Her ‘’clothing line’’ isn’t limited only to jumpers though. Nicola also makes tank tops for the chickens. Interestingly, she doesn’t sell the tank tops for profit. Apparently, all the money made from selling the tank tops go to an AIDS orphanage, located in South Africa.

We can all safely agree that Nicola Congdon is one amazing woman. She helps animals and people in need and that is a feat that deserves lots of praise.

With the pet clothing industry constantly growing, we are certain that clothing for chickens will become popular eventually, just like the clothing for dogs. Until that moment comes, the very least we can do is help Nicola raise awareness about the conditions in which hens live, as well as her chicken ‘’clothing line’’.

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