Is Your Dog Color Blind? 85% Of The People Can’t Answer This

Is Your Dog Your Best Friend?

Do you know everything about dogs‘? There are some basic questions about dogs’ people can’t answer. For example, are dogs color blind?  85% of the people can’t answer this question. The reason why is that so, probably is in the lack of information we get from the media these days.

Is Your Dog Color Blind

They are man’s best friend and we should all give them more respect and credibility for the part they are playing in our lives. That’s why we need to educate more about them, if we want to become even better friends for them. Can you do that for them? It’s basically good to enrich your knowledge for your debate with your friends. The best part is that you can make your dog happier than it is.

Is Your Dog Color Blind?

The truth is that dogs’ have a lot of better senses than us in so many fields and their eyesight is perfectly normal. Many people may think they can only see Black and White, but they’re wrong. So, the answer to the previous question “are dogs’ color blind?” would be – No they are not color blind and they can see more than Black and White.

How Dogs See

Their spectrum of colors is different from ours. Our basic colors are red, green and orange and their basic colors are Yellow, Blue and Violet. That doesn’t mean that their reality is fake and our real or that they are color blind. That’s just a proof that we don’t have to judge the things always from our perspective.

They are not missing anything that is happening in the real world because the color can’t change the shape of the things they see and they sure can’t miss anything around them, especially food and their leaf for walks.

Visual Interpretation: How Dogs See

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How To Make Their Life Easier

Well, they don’t find much difficulties while doing their regular activities, so this isn’t a huge issue for them. You can try not to buy toys for your dog that have colors natural for a human eye like red, green or orange.  Why? You don’t want your dog to keep avoiding your toy just because he can’t distinguish the true nature of that object.

It’s not like they can’t see something’s on the ground, the problem is they can’t see the clear image of any object with that colors. Although if you have a red, green or orange carpet, you may want to consider throwing that carpet away or to sell it because it’s a little bit confusing for your dog.

The most important thing is that your dog is far away from color blind and can see your natural look without problems. Although they (Dogs) can’t see your eyes clearly as you may think.

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