Meet Nala, the Famous Guinness Cat With Most Followers On Social Networks

Yes, meet Nala, the most famous cat on all Social Networks!

This is Nala. Many of you may have heard about her, but did you know who she really is? Nala is known as the most famous cat on all social networks, but not everything was perfect at the beginning for Nala. Previous owners for some reason decided to abandon Nala and her relatives. The reason was probably that they had dozens of them who came unexpected and they weren’t ready for that kind of obligations.

  • How did they find Nala?

People reported at the shelter about some abandoned kittens on the street. When people from the shelter arrived, they only found Nala. What happened with other kittens is a mystery. The new owner walked into the shelter to help a friend to choose a cat. That’s when she saw Nala and fall in love immediately. Nala was far away from there and on her way home when problem arrived.

  • Most famous cat in war with infections 

Most cats are fragile when they are in captivity at the shelters and it’s a very common thing for them to have breathing problems at first and even infections in some cases. But Guess what? If you treat that problem properly then there is none. And Nala has an awesome new owner who is mature and responsible enough to take her to the Vet on a regular base and give her the attention she needs.

  • Some people may ask why her legs are so short.

Firstly that is a rude question and secondly, her legs are even cuter because they are shorter for a bit. By the way, her Vets didn’t know why her legs stopped growing, but that doesn’t matter because Nala was healthy again and she was definitely ready to enjoy in the journey with her new owner which all of us loves to follow on Instagram and Facebook.
So, is this the most famous cat in the world? 

What Breed is the most famous cat in the world?

She is half Siamese and half Tabby and that is why she is so special. Siamese is a very famous cat breed with a very high IQ and good communication skills with humans. They usually bond with only one person whom they are loyal to.  The beauty in this is not only in her Siamese side but in her Tabby genes.

What Tabby actually is?

Tabby is a pattern that 80% of the cats have, including and the wild ones from Africa. They have interesting and specific marks on all of their fur including lines and dots. If you have any dilemma which one is better, to have a Siamese, Tabby or Mix from both of them then the answer is –All of them. If you can find one of these breeds, then without hesitating we guarantee you that you will enjoy in your cat’s company and also we assure you whatever you choose you will not regret it.

Everyone who has cats at home, they adore them and they share a strong opinion about them, some people think that their cat is one of the best in the world and you know what? Every cat is the best cat in the world! It’s true. We at Animals Universe definitely approve this.

 Nala and the Social Networks

Her owner first joined the social networks just to show to friends and relatives how adorable cat she has. They were shocked when Nala’s Instagram account reached the first million, but now Nala have more than 3.5 million followers and the numbers only will grow in the future.
Her account on Instagram is @nala_cat and its pure joy for every cat person out there. Dog persons support Nala, also. On this account, you will find various photos and videos that are funny and cute at the same time. If you are not a fan of Instagram, then you can search for Nala on Facebook under the same account Nala_cat which is also verified.

Does the famous cat name come from the Lion King’s character?

That name probably came from the fictional character known as Simba’s wife Nala. Now, Nala is less or more equally famous as the fictional one. This famous cat now has more than 6 million followers on Facebook and Instagram. That is definitely way more than some celebrities like @donaldtrumpjr, @jozyaltidore, and @janetjackson which is a pure sign how much adored Nala is.

Guinness World Record for most famous cat on Instagram

Last month on her Facebook account appeared an announcement in which they announced that Nala received a certificate from Guinness World Records as the most popular cat on Instagram. Way to go kitty. We at Animals Universe wish you all the best in the future and also as everyone we can’t wait for your new photos, videos, and other updates.

For the end of this story, we would like to raise awareness for other animals who are locked in shelters.  Sometimes your pet doesn’t need to be with pedigree. All of them can give love equally and in a way that you can’t even imagine. So, why won’t you give these abandoned sweethearts a chance that they deserve?  Nala and her millions of followers on Instagram and Facebook is proof that pets can’t be ranked.  You never know, maybe someday your cat will be awarded as the most famous cat in the world.

If you like this post you might want to watch this video compilation of Nala.

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