Is it Healthy Keeping Cats? Here are 9 Facts for Cat Keepers

5. Keeping a cat can stop your Insomnia

Research say cats can help with insomnia

This is very often problem that many of us have and we were not aware that the solution was right in front of us. Cats reduce our stress, our blood pressure, they regulate our breathing and according to scientists that is the reason why people enjoy in their sleep when cat is accompanying them.

6. Cat owners are less likely to have a stroke

Cats can help with heart conditions

According to science if you are a cat owner then you are less likely to have a stroke, because cats don’t need attention like other pets, plus they reduce your level of stress all the time. So you are safe from heart attack and having a stroke, according to science

7. Cat can help you stop smoking

It’s true. They don’t like the scent of smoke and they’ll make sure that you will stop messing around with your cigarettes in their presence.

Cats can help you stop smoking

Eventually if you love enough your animal you will start smoking outside and if that doesn’t stop you from smoking, than you should wait for the winter and take some nicotine gum or some other anti-cigarettes products in the combination with the weather you will stop immediately, according to many people.

8. Cats are decreasing the risk to get cancer

According to science in this one both of them wins (cats and dogs). If you are scared that you might get cancer in some period of your life, then get a puppy or a cat.

Cats can decrease the risk for cancer

So far we believe in science, because that is the reason why human race developed so much in short period. And according to them, if you spend qualitative time with your pet, you’ll have a chance to escape from the number one disease in the 21 century.

9. Cats are good for Asthma

Owning a cat can be good not just for you, but for your kids also. Cats are great for kid’s allergies and too regulate the respiratory system to work normally.  Make sure that your child will grow up with at least one pet at home either cat or dog.

Cats can help with your asthma

It’s very important for you to know that if you own a cat you are not completely safe from everything that is on this list, but it’s good for prevention and for fun. Your pet will definitely make your life more exiting and at some point. Maybe it can save your life or at least will keep you away from medical treatment for a long time.

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