Is it Healthy Keeping Cats? Here are 9 Facts for Cat Keepers

We know that there is a long war between cats and dog owners, but which one is better? Well, we are sorry if we hurt the feelings of the dog persons but it is how it is.

People who have cats intend to live longer than rest of us, which sparkles the next question:

Are cats better than medical treatment?

–Sure they are, well except in some occasions, but most of the time they definitely are.

This is why:

1. Cats can help you improve your heart conditions

If this was mystery for you then now it’s solved. Cats are great for your heart because they are like anti-stress pills sort of. They reduce your stress, with dog you have a lot of work, but with these tiny creatures you are free, because for them you are just the human that they like to have around and nothing more.

How To Improve Your Heart Condition

So if there is less work then there is less stress which can be great for your heart. Some studies confirmed that people who have cats have very small risk of a heart attack. This is not a situation with dog owners and non-owners.

2. Cats can improve your social life

This can be a very big problem for some people who love to spend time with people, but they can’t control their body language so sometimes that can result with anti-social life. According to one research that was made by one female magazine, male person who have cat is better in communicating and have better social-skills than a dog owner or non-owner.

Cats Can Improve Your Social Life

3. Cats fur is good for your kids

It’s like their fur is full with superpowers, we are not kidding and it’s for real. The fur of a cat can heal you from many things like for example it can lower your blood pressure or maybe can help you to regulate your breathing.

Cats fur is good for your kid

In some occasions it has proved as bone healer and it’s great for your kid’s allergies, if they have some. Also, if you have some infection their fur can help you to eliminate that threat nice and easy.

4. Your cat gives you free therapy

The great thing when you own a cat is that you don’t have to pay for a shrink and therapy session. They are great listeners, they can help you in your grieving process or if you are in a constant depression.

Cat Giving the perfect massage

Cats are pretty much amazing, so if you have some issues then the best for you and your health is to take a glass of wine, nice box of chocolate and your cat next to you. We guarantee you an awesome session and reason more to get of that medical treatment your shrink have prescribed you

Cat Giving a Massage

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