How To Make Your Dog Stop Barking? Learn Some New Tricks

Many people love dogs and want to adopt one. But some people are afraid that their dog wont stop barking. And when you own a dog be ready that your dog might bark loud. Some dogs can’t stop barking in the late hours or early mornings. On the internet there are a lot of pointless directions on how to make your dog stop barking

Make Your Dog Stop Barking

Dogs barking can be sweet in many ways, but some owners can admit that’s usually a problem.  A lot of owners are forever in a war with their neighbors just because the dog doesn’t want to stop barking and is too loud

How To Make Your Dog Stop Barking?

We at Animals Universe love to support the idea for adopting street dogs. That’s why we need first to help you to get rid of some problems. You have to know that dogs usually bark when they feel sad, lonely or nervous. That is why you should not raise your voice and yell at them to stop barking. Most important thing owners have to understand is that nothing good comes from violence

Learn Some New Tricks To Make Your Dog Stop Barking

Eliminate The Problem

First if you want your dog to stop barking you have to find what’s causing the problem.
Find the stimulus and eliminate it with lots of treats for your dog. Stimulus can be some object in your house that makes your dog nervous all the time. In some occasions that can be even a living person, or some other animal that makes him feeling uncomfortable

Make Your Dog Stop Barking By Giving Him Treats

Teach Your Dog To Understand The Stop Command

Do not worry, this won’t represent a problem because it is a very easy technique
In Fact here’s how you can do it
This is the most important step if you want your dog to stop barking is teaching him a speak command

  1. Show your dog a treat
  2. Then you signalize with your hand to stop barking
  3. If your dog doesn’t stop barking say a bit loudly “Stop” or “Stop Barking“.
  4. When he stop with the barking award him with a treat
  5. Repeat this step 3-5 times daily

Within a month you will realize that your dog will stop barking even when you are not giving him a treat.

Create a Little Quit Zone For Your Dog

Most of the articles on the internet forget the most important thing. The quiet zone is very important to make your dog stop barking. Dogs also need some alone time and not to be interrupted while they are in the quiet zone.

Make Your Dog Stop Barking by Creating a Quiet Zone
Make sure that at the time you are making this training, your dog have to spend more time in isolated space with no distractions. Usually loud noises and something they see are the reason for loud barking.
Dogs see things and they are triggered very easily. So you might want to consider buying a curtain that will cover your windows

Make Sure To Exhaust Your Dog When Walking or Playing Home

In dogs nature there are few things for certain-dogs love to run. In fact, they love to run as much as they love to sleep and eat. We know that it takes so much time, but if you want to make your dog stop barking you have to be ready for what it takes. Get ready to take your dog out for 20-30 minutes and repeat that routine 3-4 times a day

In the end of the day all you have to do is treat your dog like you treat the person you care for. You should never be aggressive with him and not raise your voice every time they end up in trouble. Plus this type of training can give you more time to bond with your dog and become great friends. In the future you will Dog understand each other without no problem at all

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