How To Make Money From Pets Without Hurting And Harassing Them?

We at Animals Universe are always trying to entertain you and at the same time to educate you a little bit more about animals. We also know that everybody is struggling to make money out there without hurting anybody, especially animals. Times are difficult and the number of “evil” people is keep rising. Just like animal abusing and other things that are terrorizing the animals. So, that’s why we can’t just sit there with empty hands.

Nobody is born “evil” and everybody wants to help at first. But we find difficulties at some point in our life and we just give up from helping. There is a special place in hell for Animal abusers, but what about the people who take advantage of their pets  so they can make money? Their number is rising and they are very dangerous for our society, so there is only one question, how to stop them?

How To Stop Animal Cruelty & Dog Fighting?

We probably can’t eliminate this threat, but what we can do is keep fighting and thinking for a solution that will reduce their number. Did you know that 80% of the Animal abusers are just trying to make money without hard-work? And the other 20% are just mentally unstable individuals.

Can I Come With You


That’s why we will present you a list of legal ways that will help you to make money and have fun with your pet. We need to show them that violence is not the answer. We have to love and take care of every animal. Let’s hope that our voice with your help will reach thousands of Animal abusers across the World, so they can see that there is a legal way to make money

Stop Hurting Your Animals Try and Make Money From Them

Dog fighting is still a thing, especially in America and Asia. They are everywhere in every State and it seems like they’ll never stop doing awful things. They are first seen doing these illegal games in 19th century and they are considered as a felony all across the American continent. Probably few people are aware that if the loser in this game in the end survives, the owner kills it by torturing, beating or shooting with a gun

Animals Universe Presents

 How To Make Money With Pets Without Hurting And Harassing Them?

1. Babysitting Pets

We are very serious, this is not a joke. Maybe some of you know a person that is babysitting someone’s child or kids. And did you know that you can also babysitting someone’s pet? And the best thing is that they will pay you the same amount as a bartender, isn’t that awesome? In some Countries and States they are paying $15 -20 for an hour, just to babysit their pets.

This can be your chance to make money and to spend an awesome night with one or a few pets. The best thing about this job is that you can keep going higher. If lot of people want your services then maybe you should start considering to open a company for pet sitting. Mainly for 2 reasons. They need someone that can count on at any time of the day and the night. And of course keep in mind if none of their relatives wants to keep their pet when they are on a vacation, then you are their first choice. Don’t hesitate, this is brilliant opportunity for young people who are desperate to make money

How To Promote Yourself?

If you don’t have money on the side to sponsor yourself on social medias then you can always count on good-old marketing from man to man. You can start by offering your services to your friends and relatives who have pets at home or you can mention them to spread the word

2. Become Pet Photographer

Is your dream to become a Photographer? But they keep on saying that you can’t make money living from that profession? They’re wrong. You can make a bunch of money from this profession. You need to have a motivation, patience and a plan. If you have a pet at home and you want to spend quality time with it and at the same time you want to make money then you should start right away with this. If your pictures are good enough, don’t worry you’ll make money for sure.

Become a Pet Photographer and Start To Make Money

How To Start?

Very easy, first of all you need to have a Camera. Second thing you need to have is a plan. That plan has to be unique, funny and adorable. People love animal photos and that’s why you need to have a unique vision how to present them. If you want our help we would suggest  you to create a cute pocket calendar with your pet on it. Of course, with different content for every month. You can always sell your photos to some marketing companies or photography companies who are ready to pay a lot, to use your photos in their ads.

3. Make A Fan Page Of Your Pet

On the internet you can find people who live from their pets social media accounts. Sounds fake, right? Well, it isn’t. This may shock you. Create an account for your pet and work to gain thousands of followers. In the meantime work on a posts that will help you to make money from someone’s clicking on your ad. Then? You are probably on a good way to become a rich person.

Make Your Pet a Fan Page And Start To Make Money

You will need to have patience and not expecting your money in the first 3-4 months. Why? Because first you need to make followers and to gain their trust, so later you can publish posts that will help you to become successful. One day maybe your pet will be the most famous on all social networks.

Meet Nala, the most famous cat on all social networks

4. Walk Other People’s Dogs’

If you want to stay healthy, fit and with some money in your pocket. Then you should start to consider to walk other people’s dogs’. You will have to do this anyway with your own dog, right? So if you can make money just for walking, why don’t give it a try? You probably think that this is usual only for rich people, but it isn’t. Rich People have other people who work for them everything including that. They don’t give money easy to people they don’t know.

Walking Other Dogs Is One Of The Ways to Make Money

This may surprise you. According to the statistics, most of the people who pay someone to walk their dog belong to the working class. The reason why they pay to others for is because they don’t have free time on their schedules. So, if this is interesting enough for you, then why don’t give it a try?

5. Drive Pets To The Vet & Hairdresser

If the fact that people don’t have enough free space in their schedules just for a walk with their own pet surprises you, then this will probably shock you. The reason why owners don’t like going to the Vet and to the hair dresser are the following one. These situations can be very painful for the owner itself to watch, because they scream and yell like someone is hurting them.

Drive Other People Pet To The The Vet To Make Money

The other reason is the guilt you feel while they are at the Vet. You can’t lose that feeling even when you know that you are just helping them. You probably want to know the most important reason of all why this job exist? Well, some people are ready to pay to someone else to go instead of them, so they don’t traumatize themselves. This is one of the easiest ways to make money 

6. Produce Snacks For Pets

Pet Shops are dying to find someone that can produce for them quality organic and vegan snacks. It’s so hard to find snack that will satisfy the needs of their customers pets. You can make snacks basically from everything that’s organic and healthy. They are ready to pay huge money if your snacks are accepted by their customers. So, this is where you should start to consider to expand your business and to produce more and more organic snacks for more Pet Shops.

Produce Your Own Pet Snacks And Start To Make Money

How To Produce Organic Snacks

Find More

7. Sign Your Pet On A Movie Audition

If you have a pet and you want to make a star from it, then you need this job. First your pet must be very calm with people and to understand basic commands.

Sign Your Pet On A Movie Audition And Start To Make Money

If your pet is okay with that then search for a legit movie agent and they will make an appointment. After that if your pet have one successful role, then you should consider yourself as a very rich owner

8. Become A Breeder

This is something everybody knows. First you have to provide them with space and resources so they can stay healthy. Then if you want to make money from animals pick one or few breeds. Also you need to have basic knowledge for breeding.

Become a Breeder And Start To Make Money

We would like to mention that they need someone with them 24/7. That’s going to be you or someone who work for you. Some breeds can cost fortune and people are ready to pay for them. Make sure where are you going to send those sweeties. Not everybody deserves pet, some of them are just impulse buyers.

We hope that this article is helpful. The goal is to teach you how to make legit money from pets without terrorizing them. Help us to raise the voice of the animals. So, people can see that you can have fun and at the same time you can make money. Isn’t that we all want? Freedom, money, fun and animals can make everybody’s life awesome and interesting.

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Sincerely Yours, Animals Universe

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