Horses can surely be a man’s best friend. Once they bond with the owner soon they become inseparable. There are many stories about genuine friendship and love between horses and men. Here we have just one of them.

This is the story about Frank Keat and his favorite horse. Frank spent almost all of his life among horses. He enjoyed grooming, training and keeping them in a good health. Frank Keat started working with horses when he was 15 years old. After that, he began to breed horses and work as a judge in equestrian competitions across England.

Sadly, after almost 65 years spent on working with horses, Frank was diagnosed with cancer and he was admitted to hospital. Sorrowfully, Frank’s condition was getting worse and he started to lose the battle with cancer. Still, one wish remained strong in his final days. The last thing he wanted to do is to see his favorite horse just one more time.


Although, his wish to say goodbye to his beloved horse was pretty strong still his body was too weak. He wasn’t able to move and could not go to his stable.
Seeing this, the amazing staff from Bodmin Hospital in Cornwall, England, made an extraordinary surprise for him! They decided to fulfill his last wish and assure that he would get a visit from his favorite horse before it was too late.

After long days of secretive planning, the day had finally arrived. Frank, of course, couldn’t even assume that this is the day when we will get a visit from his best friend. He made peace in his mind that he will never see him again. However, that morning on October 23, the hospital staff wheeled Frank out to the hospital patio and didn’t tell him anything.
Suddenly, he saw his adored 5-year-old horse, standing out on the patio. He was speechless and overwhelmed! It was such a moving moment!
Frank died just three days later, at the age of 80.


His son, TIM, told the wire service SWNS, that this gesture was truly a wonderful last gift and he was also pleased because it happened.
“It was a wonderful gesture by the nurses to arrange for his horse to visit him like that. I want to thank all the staff on the ward for what they did because I know my dad couldn’t have wished for anything better.”
This moment was pretty emotional for the staff as well. They have heard many stories from Frank about the adventures he had with his horse, Early Morn. The nurse Samantha said to us that without a doubt, this is her most memorable day in her entire career. She said that the emotions were overwhelming and everybody was crying that day.

What an amazing story!

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