We love writing about something that involves animals and that is weird at the same time. Every now and then we stumble upon something so ridiculous we are left speechless! Some people can come up with genius ideas if things aren’t going their way!

Luckily, the Internet is the perfect place to find these kinds of people and their ideas. After seeing this with our own eyes, we had to share it with you guys! This remarkable story comes all the way from Germany, and it is about a 15 year old girl who taught her cow to jump over hurdles like a horse! Sounds unbelievable we know, but there is a video of this whole ordeal and it is amazing!


15 year old German Regina Mayer really wanted to have a horse. However, her parents didn’t want to buy her one. For most teenagers, that would be a big disappointment. However, this cannot be said for Regina!

Instead of moving on, she decided to do something way more impressive than buying a horse. Working with what she had at her disposal, she somehow managed to train one of the cows her family owned to jump over hurdles, just like a horse!

She started the training of the cow, named Luna, just by walking her at the beginning. By doing this, she intended to teach Luna to become accustomed to human interaction. Furthermore, she trained Luna to get used to having riding equipment on her. After training for six months, it was time to see how the cow would react to someone actually riding on her back. Regina was surprised to see that the cow was well behaved and walked around normally.


However, after a few feet of walking with Regina on her back, the cow grew increasingly annoyed. This didn’t discourage the 15 year old girl from Germany at all, and instead, she continued to train Luna. All in all, Regina has spent two years training the lovable cow, and the results from the training are evident.

Luna might not jump as well as a horse, but she can jump over hurdles, which is something other cows can’t do! Regina has developed a routine for Luna, which includes practice, grooming and some petting. All we can say now is good job Regina!

Her neighbors thought that training a cow to jump is weird. After all, cows are not made for people to ride them like horses. Nonetheless, Regina continued to do her thing and formed a very strong bond with Luna. After spending so much time training, we are not surprised!

Regina Mayer says that she still wants to have a horse on her own. Whether she’ll get it or not, only time will tell. One thing is certain though. No matter how many horses she gets, Luna will always be her favorite animal to ride!

Seeing this cow makes us want to train some other animal to jump like a horse! Enjoy the video and let us know which animal you would train so that you can ride it!

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