Most of us might look at animals like pets, but there are people who rely on animals for survival.

Farm animals have been used by humans for many years, and it has been found that farm animals are very similar to regular pets. They also have likes and dislikes, but they show it differently.

This is why these 10 facts about farm animals can be surprising for some of you!

Were you aware that chickens learn from watching their mother?


For a long time, researchers thought that the behavior of chicks was mostly by instinct. However, it has been found that they actually learn by observing other chickens, or by being directed from their mother. Young chicks learn how to avoid eating bad food by watching the reactions of other chickens. Furthermore, another fact for the chickens is that they chat between themselves. Roosters in particular can have different calls that tell other chickens where the food is or when to return to the coop.

While we are talking about young farm animals, another fun fact comes from the cows.


Apparently, cows share child duties! Cows can group up to take care of young calves, so that the stress is decreased. Cows are very sensitive animals, and this approach helps the cow bond between each other. As a matter of fact, mother cows and their calves bond so strongly, they cry for each other when they are separated. There is even one case where a mother cow hid her calf after seeing that other male calves were being taken to a truck.

Unlike the cows, goats are much more easygoing.


They love to socialize and explore everything. They are known to jump on other animals back and they even make up with other goats! Another interesting thing about the goats is the fact that they can be optimistic! One study compared the behavior of goats that have been abused and goats that haven’t. They were introduced to two locations, one where there were buckets with food and one where the buckets were empty. After learning which spot has which buckets, the goats were given new buckets. At this time, researchers noticed that the female goats from the abused group were more willing to try out the new and ambiguous buckets. The conclusion from this study was that once the goats recognized they have better living conditions, they became more optimistic.

Pigs are known to be highly intelligent,


being able to learn their name and even respond to simple commands. However, did you know that they can play video games? Researchers have taught pigs to hit targets on a screen by using a joystick! Also, pigs are very attached to their family. If they are given a chance, piglets will stay with their siblings and their mother until they are fully mature. If they are separated, they will send calls for their mother and their mother will do the same.

Another highly intelligent farm animal is the sheep.


They are able to recognize faces of up to 50 other sheep. There was even one case where sheep on a farm in England managed to bypass the metal grids installed to keep them from eating the grass in local gardens.

Finally, we have one fact concerning turkeys!


Apparently, they purr just like cats! Also, they can change the color of the skin on their snoods according to their mood.

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