This is not great just for cartoon lovers, this is also great and for people who are deeply in love with animals. Many of us can confirm that we grew up watching these cartoons and some of us still are. Some of you may have been wondering what kind of animals or what kind of breeds are those animals that we love to see in our favorite TV Show and Movies. Here you can find out how cartoon animals look in real life.

1. Scooby Doo – Great Dane

Back in the time, this was actually a mystery for the people, because of the lack of internet and information.  Scooby Doo is a Great Dane. These types of dogs are great for families and they really love to play with kids.  They are easy to scare, just like Scooby Doo.

2. Garfield – Exotic Shorthaired cat

This is our favorite cat. We all can relate to this cat. This is Garfield and it is not a secret. Garfield loves 3 things: food, bed and more food. Garfield is well-known for his adventures that give us so much joy.

3. Sylvester – Tuxedo Cat

This cat was hilarious, mostly for his unlucky adventures with the bird, but you have to admit it was awesome. Sylvester is still famous, but not like the old days. We will always remember this character because it’s historical and we all should keep his legacy alive. Tuxedo, on the other hand, does not breed it is a color. Tuxedo cats are usually black cats with white contrast.

4. Santa’s Little Helper (Simpsons) – Greyhound

This dog is the reason why this article is created in the first place. We were very curious about his breed, so we did a little research. This dog is known mostly for his adventures with the Simpsons family and usually,


he is the victim of Homer’s angry reactions. Greyhounds in real life are typically used for dog racing, but they are great family dogs with a big heart full of love.

We hope that you enjoyed the article. Let us know in comments what you want to read up next.

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