We can all safely agree that dogs are amazing. They are always there to cheer us up, to make us laugh and to make our lives a bit better. No other animal expresses the love for their owner the way a dog does. Even though they can’t talk, they give off signs that tell us what they are thinking and feeling.

Today, we will focus on a dog’s way of saying ‘‘I love you’’. If your dog does most, or all, of these things, then it is quite possible that you have a special place in his or her heart.

If your pooch stares directly into your eyes, this is a sign that it loves you!


According to Brian Hare, a dog expert, staring into your eyes means that the dog is ‘’hugging’’ you with his eyes. By doing this, they release a hormone called oxytocin. This same hormone helps mothers bond with their babies. However, trying to stare into your dog’s eyes will make it feel a little awkward, so if you want to test this method out, the looking has to come naturally.

Another way of your dog saying ‘’I love you’’ is by yawning.


If your dog yawns at the same time as you, it probably loves you. According to a study, dogs tend to yawn at the same time with a person they have bonded with. Also, dogs are more likely to yawn when their owners are doing the same thing, and less likely to if a stranger yawns. Apparently, even dogs find yawning contagious.

The third way of your dog showing affection is by leaning on you!


Dogs lean on their owners for a number of reasons, such as being nervous and scared or wanting something from you. However, they also do this out of love. By leaning, they are showing their owner that they think of him or her as someone who can protect them and take care of them.

Watching the owner calmly while he or she goes it means that they will miss you, but it also trusts that you will return.



However,probably the most obvious way of a dog saying ‘’I love you’’ is by freaking out when we return from somewhere.


This action speaks for itself, and it is quite enjoyable for us humans as well. As long as they don’t start going potty, jumping around their owner makes the owner quite happy.

Sleeping in your bed is yet another way of your dog showing affection towards you, and this means that your dog is loyal to you.

Dog sleeping in bed

Even though this might annoy some people, there is really no need for drama, because your dog sleeping in your bed is a good thing.

In addition to sleeping in your bed, your dog also lets you know that it loves you by cuddling with you.


This is especially true if the cuddle with you right after eating, because you are the second most important thing to the dog, right after eating!

Facial expressions can also tell if a dog loves you or not.


If the puppy lifts the eyebrows upon seeing their parent, this is a clear indicator that the dog loves the parent. However, upon seeing a stranger, dogs had less facial movement.

If your dog brings you his favorite toy, you probably his ‘’pack leader’’. In other words, the dog loves you.


In the end, if you want your dog to love you, you have to love your dog first! They can feel if someone loves them and will without a doubt return the love.

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