Many people have hard periods in their lives, and everyone copes differently with their feelings.

Nevertheless, it has been noted that dogs can help you during harsh times, just by being at your side. People suffering from depression can definitely relate to this.

Even though it still hasn’t been scientifically proven, many people are certain that dogs help cure depression. One celebrity that agrees with this statement is Monty Don, a television presenter in the United Kingdom. He states that there is a lot of evidence that proves that dogs help you by offering their comfort. We have to say that we agree with him.

Monty Don is famous for his gardening show on BBC. He appears very enthusiastic when he is filming his show, but all is not that bright after the cameras stop rolling. As a matter of fact, Monty Don has been suffering from depression for many years, and has even written about his times with depression.

He has tried many cures, including behavioral therapy, but nothing has worked better than having a dog by his side. Dogs are known for offering comfort, and if you are not feeling well physically or mentally, they can really help you out.

However, in recent times, the term ‘’dog’’ has been used with a negative connotation. Several famous people have used to word ‘’dog’’ to express a negative opinion on something.


Nonetheless, we all know that most people indeed love dogs and love having them as companions. In fact, this was even further proven with the discovery of a dog tooth that turned out to be 7,000 years old! As it turns out, dogs have been our companions for several thousand years, and a few people misusing the word ‘’dog’’ definitely won’t change the public perception for dogs.

If one thing is certain, no matter how the word is used, Monty Don will not change his opinion for the lovable animals. As he puts it, dogs are incredibly good at helping you get through your black period by loving you, even if you feel like you are very unlovable. They can occupy your attention and make you stop thinking about what makes you feel depressed.

Dogs are simply creatures. You take care of them and give them food, and they will return that favor with immeasurable love.


As for Monty Don, he has a 13 year old Jack Russell terrier named Polly to help him cope with his times of depression. Just like other people, Monty connects with his dog by giving her food. This is what makes Polly the happiest, and Monty happily gives her what she wants.

Another thing he loves about his Jack Russell terrier is her judgment of people, which Monty finds to be quite weird. Apparently, Polly will greet old ladies with ferocity, even though they are kind. However, she has the opposite reaction with tattooed men, and will wag her tail and cuddle with them. As for his relationship with the dog, he describes it as friendly and considerate. Monty thinks of his dog as a sensitive caretaker, and describes himself as being the same thing to Polly.

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