Have You Ever Noticed Your Dog Doing This? It’s Trying To Tell You Something Very Important!

Despite the fact that dogs don’t speak our language, still, they have a language that allows them to express their aims and emotional state to us. Many people who have dogs completely miss the signs and hints that their dog is attempting to send them.
Dogs use sound, signals and body language to communicate. So if you have dilemmas with understanding the behavior of your dog, here we describe the meaning of their most used expressions.

What is actually happening when your dog makes eye contact with you?

Smiling Dog

Eye contact is very important for dogs. They use it as a powerful way to show you love as long as it is synchronized with another passive behavior, such as rolling over. Also, dogs use eye contact when they poop. In some situations, eye contact is very important for dogs because in dog’s logic it means that you are watching their back. Every dog owner with the time can gain so much experience that can be used to understand the body language of dogs, which is the best way to bond with your dog and to create a healthy lifetime relationship.


What is your dog thinking when he brings stuff back to you 

Dog Bring Things To You

Usually, this activity is understood as a sign that your dog wants to play fetch. However, when a dog brings you his favorite toy he is giving you a gift. This may sound unexpected, but it is a vestigial drive from their time as wild wolves. According to their reasoning, they give you anything that can help you survive, which is really cute considering that their gift is just a toy. So imagine how confusing is for them when you throw it.


What your dog wants to show you when it raises the leg

Dog Behavior

When your dog begins staring forward while raising one of his legs at the same time, it indicates you should move. This means that he is getting ready for hunting. Most likely he saw a squirrel. Also, you can notice your dog doing this in a company of other dogs and most likely the reason behind that is some big alpha male (dog) that terrifies your doggo or he has a huge respect for him. My dog usually is doing this when he wants to say hello to people he loves. (usually when my parents come in visit)

Why your dog is chewing your furniture and other stuff at home

Dog Chewing Furniture

When this happens, it means that your dog is completely bored or in some cases, it can be a sigh of separation stress. Dogs can’t speak our language, but they leave a lot of signs to tell us that something is ruining their comfort. When you leave your dog home alone it is so sad and nervous at the same time so the first thing that pops into their mind is to chew the furniture. Also, when dogs are younger than a year they love to chatter their teeth mostly from your furniture, sofa etc. This can be very stressful for the owner itself, but the good news is that it will stop after 6-8 months. So, next time when you notice your dog starts chewing just give him more toys to play with or exercise together.

This one is for admiring, your dog is sleeping on your feet and this is why!

Cute Dog

A dog can sit on your feet and get under you for different reasons. There is not one main reason for this behavior. Some think that it is a way to comfort by staying close to you and others see it as a way to dominate over you. Also, it can be viewed as possessive move, as a way to say that you are his human!

This Is Why Your Dog Is Hunching Very Often

Dog Hunching

Take notice when this happens. It means a clear sign that your dog is feeling afraid. If there is no reason to be upset then it can be a sign that he has been hurt.
Sometimes it indicates that they are feeling cold, so if you notice this, all you should do is to wrap him in the blanket
So if you want to truly communicate with your dog, it is really necessary to know his habits. Knowing that it will make your life together much easier.

This is Why Your Dog Is Biting The Leash While Walking

Dog Biting Leash
It is a common thing for dogs to bite the leash during their walk. If you notice your dog doing this then probably he is not feeling comfortable with the walk or if they are in a hurry. To make your dog comfortable, first, you need to relax and to be prepared that your walk will take approximately from 20-30 minutes 2 times a day. Then walk slowly and give your dog time to fulfill his daily duties. With the time you will see improvement with his biting.

So if you want to truly communicate with your dog, it is really necessary to know his habits. Knowing that it will make your connection with your dog easier. Grab some of the healthy recipes that can help your dog.

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