There are times when people are faced with difficult decisions. Even though it can be hard bring a good decision in certain situations, deciding correctly is even harder. Luckily for this equestrian, she brought a hard decision which ultimately proved to be the correct one!

The Olympics are held once every 4 years. These games are the ultimate challenge for those competing in them. After all, who wouldn’t want to be crowned as the best in the world? Oftentimes, the Olympics are a place where history is written. It is a place where many stories are made, and today we are writing about one story that involved a medal winning equestrian and her horse.


Adelinde Cornelissen is the name of the Dutch equestrian that ultimately decided to quite the Olympics because her horse wasn’t feeling well. Can you imagine how hard it is to quit the Olympics moments before you were supposed to compete?

We salute Adelinde for this brave decision. She had been training for 4 years and was ready to show the world what she and her horse, Parzival, are capable off. Everything was going splendid, training and stabling. However, all that changed one morning, when Adelinde decided to train earlier than usual. After going inside the stable, she was stunned to see that the right side of the face of her horse Parzival had swollen. Adelinde decided to take Parzival’s temperature, and it showed that he had a fewer of over 104F!


Several vets came in, and after checking Parzival, they came to the conclusion that he had been bitten by something that produces toxins, most probably a spider. In order to heal Parzival, the vets gave him fluids that would aid in cleansing the toxins out of his body.

After several hours, Parzival’s temperature dropped to 101.1F. Furthermore, the vets did several tests on the horse, just to make sure that he is indeed alright. Everything was great with Parzival and Adelinde even took him for a walk. However, Adelinde was still not sure that Parzival can compete. She requested the FEI (the international governing body for all Olympic equestrian disciplines) to compete one day later than they were intended. Much to her dismay, FEI declined her request. This is where Adelinde was faced with the difficult decision of having to decide whether or not to compete in the Olympics.


The following day Parzival was looking much better. He looked well and she didn’t want to let her team down. She walked the horse for 10 minutes just to see how he was feeling. Even though everything was good with Parzival, and all the vets gave him the green light to compete, something still concerned Adelinde. She knew that Parzival is not feeling as well as he looks.

Finally, the day of the competition came. Just as Adelinde entered the arena with Parzival, she saw what others didn’t. The horse was giving everything he had just so Adelinde can compete. But she knew that it would be wrong to force Parzival. She brought her final decision. Adelinde saluted the people in the arena and left. Her horse’s health was more important than her winning a medal at the Olympics. Adelinde proved to the world that she is a noble woman, and the least we can do is share her story with others.

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