Cats are the Internet’s favorite animal. They are even more popular than dogs!

We can safely say that all of us have at one point in time stumbled upon pictures or videos of cats that made us giggle. Nonetheless, we are more interested in finding out which cat is the most popular among the people.

Although this question might be hard to answer, we do know of one serious competitor for that title. We are talking about the Pallas cat! Some of you might not know it, but this wild cat will undoubtedly win over your heart!

It is native to Russia and Central Asia and it is known for being really, REALLY fluffy! Unfortunately, these cats have faced some dangers and have been classified as ‘’Near Threatened’’. They have this status because of habitat loss and decline of their pray base.


Luckily, things will change for the better for the Pallas cats, because they have just received their very own safe zone! All we can say is that it was about time for this to happen!

Authorities have come to an agreement for the Pallas cat, granting the fluffy animal a 12 square miles safe area in the Sailyugemsky Nature Park. This park is located in Siberia, in the Altai Mountains, and it is the perfect place for these cats to thrive.


Due to poaching, these cats have been put in danger of going extinct, and they really needed conservation efforts. Luckily, Russians monitor felines very carefully. In addition to the Pallas cat, another rare feline that inhabits the Sailygemsky Nature Park is the snow leopard, which is yet another cat facing extinction. With enough effort, both of these cats will hopefully restore their population enough to be taken off the list of endangered animals.

As for the Pallas cat, it is one of the most beautiful looking cats out there. They have very long and dense fur, which is necessary to keep them warm in cold climates. Because of this trait, Pallas cats look quite big for a cat.

However, they only weigh between 5 to 10lb, weighing as much as a typical domestic cat. Even though they are very similar to domestic cats both in size and weight, they are still wild cats.


They mostly live on high altitudes, and would most likely be unable to adapt to low altitudes and confined space. This makes them unfit to be domesticated.

Unlike most cats, the Pallas cats are actually quite slow runners. This is why they developed a hunting style that uses the terrain in their native habitat. They hide and stalk their prey before finally ambushing it.

Because of their fluffy fur, they were a target for hunters for some time, especially in Russia and Mongolia. Nevertheless, this practice has halted in recent years, and the Pallas cat has even been protected in both Afghanistan and Kashmir!

Hopefully, protection will aid the survival in the wild for the Pallas cat. We really don’t want for any animals to go extinct, especially an animal as fluffy and awesome looking as the Pallas cat.

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