Very few people in the world can afford to never work in their lives. However, for us regular mortals, having a job is a must. Even though many people fantasize about amazing jobs, most people will end up working an office job, and they will probably hate it a bit.

A few people however, will work something they actually enjoy. Even though most ‘’enjoyable’’ jobs don’t pay well, there are a few that just sound too good to be true. The job that we will write about today sounds unbelievable, but it is actually real.

For most animals lovers, working with animals is an amazing feeling. Unfortunately, many of the jobs that include working with animals don’t have good salaries. Luckily, there is one particular job that pays well AND lets you work with animals.

It might sound funny and unbelievable, but being a professional panda hugger is a real job! If there ever was a dream job for a person that absolutely adores animals, this would be it! However, if you want this job, you will have to move to the other side of the globe, or China to be more specific.

As for the job itself, well, it is quite simple. You look after the pandas and that is it. It should be noted that this is not as easy as it seems. The Chinese Giant Panda Protection and Research Center offers this job. As they put it, the job has only one mission that requires perseverance. You will have to spend 365 days taking care of the adorable animals, and you will share their feeling as well.

There is one downside to this job however, and it is about the food. Apparently, inside the giant panda base, you are not allowed to eat whatever you want. We don’t know about you, but to us, this offer sounds like a great deal. Also, we mustn’t forget to remind you that it pays well. To be more precise, being a professional panda caretaker pays around $32,000 per year!

Although this isn’t much for Americans, bear in mind that this is a job in China, where cost of life is much lower than here in the United States! Basically, you will have a job that will undoubtedly make you happy and you will make enough money to live really comfortably.

So, if you are a person that loves pandas (is there anyone who doesn’t?) and you will gladly move to China, this is perfect job for you! You will spend all days playing around with pandas, and if that doesn’t make you happy, we really don’t know what will!

Even though the pandas were recently taken of the ‘’critically endangered’’ list, this won’t affect the job market for professional panda caretakers, as pandas are still very dependable on humans for survival. Pandas are still listed as ‘’vulnerable’’ species, and it will take some time before their numbers reach the ‘’least concern’’ level. Until that moment comes, feel free to pursue your dreams and become a professional panda hugger! China, here we come!

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