You might not like him, but you definitely know him! We are talking about Donald Trump!

The presidential candidate has attracted a lot of attention mainly because of his presidential campaign. Nonetheless, we are not here to discuss politics in any way.

Today, we will actually write about Donald Trump’s 10 favorite animals, some of whom he personally owns! Before we get started, we have to let you know, this guy likes everything that is expensive!

Starting off at number 10, it is the Butter Stripe Ball python.


Pythons are becoming an increasingly popular pet, and this particular kind is the most expensive. Due to its almost perfect stripe, this snake can cost up to $7,500!

Coming in at 9th place, it is De Brazza’s monkey.


These monkeys look really unique, having a somewhat black fur, a little bit of orange fur on their forehead and a white ‘’beard’’. This monkey can cost up to $10,000 and it is very hard to catch in the wild, because they are excellent at hiding.

The 8th spot is occupied by an animal that Donald Trump personally owns! It is the Hyacinth macaw!


This majestic blue bird is the largest flying parrot in the world, and it can cost up to $11,000. It is very popular among parrot lovers, and it is no wonder someone like Trump would want to have one of these blue parrots.

Another parrot also makes this list, and this one is also part of the collection Donald Trump owns. This time, we are talking about the Palm cockatoo.


The price of this amazing bird is a whopping $16,000! Like we previously said, Trump really does like everything expensive.

Moving along, at number 6, we have the Savannah cat.


This hybrid breed is cross between a domestic cat breed and a serval, a wild cat and it’s very popular among cat lovers! As for the price, this cat can cost up to $22,000! However, New York doesn’t allow these cats in New York City, so Trump can’t have this cat in his possession.

Number 5 is the only insect on this list, and it is the stag beetle.


This rare beetle is really popular because of the way it looks. This black bug has a red horn that makes it very easy to distinguish. As for the price of this bug, the most expensive one was sold for $89,000! Apparently, Donald Trump has purchased a stag beetle just so he can feed it to his Palm cockatoo. We guess when you are a billionaire, buying a bug that costs tens of thousands of dollars is not much to feed your precious parrot.

The 4th spot is the first animal whose price is in 6 digits. It is the extremely rare white lion cub.

This picture taken on April 18, 2013 shows a white lion cub in his pen at the Pont-Scroff's zoo in Pont-Scorff, western France. Three lion cubs, two males and a female, were born on February 23 and were shown for the first time to the public on April 17.(Fred Tanneau/Getty Images)

It has been estimated that there are only around 300 white lions in the world, and the price for one cub can be up to $140,000.

The third spot on this list is reserved for the most peculiar animal of all. It is a Labrador dog named Sir Lancelot Encore.


What makes this dog special is the fact that it is cloned! The cost for the cloning procedure was $155,000.

Number 2 is occupied by another dog, the Tibetan Mastiff.


This rare and massive dog can cost over $500,000! If you are really rich, this is the type of dog you would want to own.

Finally, the favorite animal of Trump is the horse named Green Monkey.


This race horse has a price of $16,000,000. It is the most expensive animal in the world!

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