Those that own dogs know how much a dog can grow attached to you.

They will watch your every move, feel very sad whenever you leave your home and be very excited when we get back.

However, there are some more extreme cases of dogs that will do anything just to be by your side. The story we have for you guys today is just another indicator at how much a dogs can love their owner.

This story follows the adventures of a two year old German Shepherd named Ginger, who escaped an animal shelter in California in order to get back to her owner.

Her escape from the shelter was nothing short from spectacular. Ginger was able to get over her kennel and through three different doors to get out of the shelter.

Ginger was brought to the animal shelter located in Apple Valley, California, just a few days before her escape.

Her homeless owner wasn’t able to take care of the dog anymore and thought that a shelter would provide the care Ginger needed.

Although it was difficult for him to leave Ginger, he didn’t want his beloved pet to live out of a vehicle. However, Ginger was determined to be by her owner’s side once again, so she plotted a spectacular escape.

Even though she was placed in a six foot high kennel, she managed to jump over it and to get out of the kennel.

This wasn’t enough though, as she was still trapped inside the facility. This fact didn’t discourage the two year old dog and she continued her escape.

Ginger managed to open three closed doors to finally attain her freedom, and her escape was praised.

Although she set off motion alarms when she escaped, Ginger was already gone when animal control came to investigate.

The only thing animal control found was a mess, with papers and counter phones being scattered on the ground. Furthermore, she jumped off of chairs and counter tops located in the lobby before leaving the facility.

This gave the impression that someone has actually trashed the whole place. Luckily, there was video footage of the lovable pooch escaping the animal shelter in Apple Valley.

We can only imagine how surprised the employees were when they saw who made the whole mess!

Ginger was gone for three days before reappearing again.

She was found just a few blocks away from her previous owner’s house. After being found, she was taken back to the Californian animal center.

This time though, she has been put in a much more secure space than before. At the very least, the employees learned a valuable lesson not to underestimate the dog’s wit!

Also, after people heard about her spectacular escape, she has been highly sought after!

Apparently, people have been lining up to adopt the two year old German Shepherd. Due to her newfound popularity, many people want Ginger to become their pet.

We can’t say we blame them though, because we would definitely want to have a smart dog like Ginger as well!

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