Disease known as “Silent Killer” is killing thousands of dogs. How to notice if your dog has it!

There are many pet owners in the world and many of them are owners of a dog, most dog owners don’t have a clue what kind of dangerous diseases can harm our beloved dog. One of the most dangerous diseases known as “Silent Killer” carried by a bug known as “Kissing Bug” is killing thousands of dogs in the USA.

It’s estimated that in the United States are owned about 80 million dogs, which brings us to a fact that 45 % of the households in the United States have a dog.


We all know that most of the bugs are harmless, even the fact that some of us are afraid of some nasty looking spiders with hairy legs, but many of them believe it or not are also harmless.

Symptoms of Silent Killer Disease and  how YOU can notice if your dog has it

Kissing Bug Silent Killer

The name Kissing Bug sounds very friendly, but they also go by another name: “The Assassin Bug.”

The Assassin bug is actually spreading a highly dangerous disease called American Trypanosomiasis, or Chagas Disease. The bug is actually feeding on blood and in most of the cases, it bits your dog around the eyes and mouth while they are sleeping.

Chagas disease is actually caused by a parasite known as  Trypanosoma Cruzi, the transmission occurs when the fecal material gets rubbed on the bite wound or into a mucous membrane. Your dog can also get the disease if it eats one of the bugs.

There is a small problem with this disease, sometimes you can not know for sure if your dog has it already, you seem to notice after it gets to the late stage, and if it does, maybe it’s already too late for treatment.

Symptoms of Chagas Disease

Symptoms of this disease include massive swelling of the eyelids and Anaphylaxis shock which can cause asphyxiation and eventually death.

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