Deadly Virus

If there ever was a list of animals that humans like the most, it will undoubtedly place cats very high.

There is something special about the way they look and in the way they act. As a matter of fact, cats are the second most popular pet in the United States, trailing only freshwater fish!

Many people own cats, and the love-hate relationship we have with cats is quite special. This is why we had to write about a recent virus appearance that targets none other than cats.

After all, who would want their cat to be sick? This virus, called Panleukopenia, has appeared in the Mattapan neighborhood in Boston. To make things even worse, this virus can be potentially fatal for cats and it is very easily spread among the animals.

The Animal Rescue League in Boston has warned residents about the outbreak of this virus. According to one doctor of the Animal Rescue League, the virus Panleukopenia is a very serious disease.

However, this shouldn’t be a reason for panic. There are treatments for this virus and they are very effective.
Panleukopenia, more commonly known as feline distemper, is a viral infection that affects both domestic cats, as well as wild felines.

It is very contagious, and can be sometimes fatal to the affected cat, like we mentioned previously. This virus attacks the gastrointestinal system, but it can also affect the bone marrow of the cats, decreasing the number of white blood cells in the cat’s body.

When this happens, the cat’s immune system is severely weakened, which allows other infections to appear. According to statistics, most cats that have succumbed to this virus have had a secondary infection!

Furthermore, it causes diarrhea, vomiting, fever, anemia, lethargy etc. Dehydration due to diarrhea is one of the most common secondary infections that appear after the virus is contracted.

Panleukopenia is primarily spread through bodily fluids, but there are other ways it can infect a cat. The virus can be also spread by fleas, and even ferrets!

Luckily, it is not contagious for humans. Some cat owners living in the Mattapan neighborhood in Boston have vaccinated their cats hoping they won’t contract the virus.

However, there are lots of stray cats in this area which heightens the possibility of getting Panleukopenia.
Experts say that young cats are the ones most at risk of contracting the virus. Nonetheless, amidst all this, there is still room to be positive.

The vaccine for this virus is highly effective, and all worried owners have to do is to vaccinate their loved felines. Also, cat owners living in Mattapan can vaccinate their cats for free!

The Animal Rescue League plans on placing a mobile clinic in the area where all cat owners can come and vaccinate the cats.

So, if you are by any chance a cat owner living in Mattapan, or in some other area in Boston, you can make sure your cat is protected from this potentially deadly virus!

The treatment is recommended for every cat, due to the seriousness of the disease.


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