The animal kingdom is vast and immeasurably diverse! We have animals that live on land, animals that live in water and animals that can soar into the sky!

Animals are classified in many ways, the broadest classification being vertebrates and invertebrates.

Nevertheless, today we are classifying the deadly animals!

In this list, we will take a brief look at the world’s 24 most deadly animals! The animals are ranked based on the amount of people they are responsible for killing every year. You will most definitely be surprised at some of the animals listed here!

Coming in at number 24, it is the alligator!


This is animal is commonly found in the southern parts of the United States. The alligator is known to be a dangerous animal, and it is no wonder that it managed to make it to this list. However, an alligator doesn’t frequently attack humans. This is why, on average, the alligator is responsible for the death of just 1 person a year! It might look dangerous and intimidating, but it doesn’t harm humans that often.

The next animal on this list is one that is very often considered ‘’extremely dangerous’’. Even though numbers show that this animal is nowhere nearly as dangerous as it is portrayed in the media, people are still afraid of it. We are talking about the shark!


We know that there are many different kinds of sharks, but only a few are known to actually attack humans. Even so, sharks are responsible for the deaths of 5 people in a year on average! That is a very low number, considering the amount of movies that portray sharks as a threat to humans. There are more dangerous animals that live in the water, and they don’t look very intimidating.

Moving on with the list, wolves claim the number 22 spot.


These predators are known to be dangerous for other animals, but no so much to humans. This doesn’t stop them from harming and even ending the life of some people! On average, wolves end the lives of 10 people in a year! Even though they are a much bigger threat to farm animals, humans should be wary of the wolves as well.

At the number 21 spot, we have an animal that no one would consider a threat to humans. Nevertheless, there are cases where these animals are responsible for harming and even killing someone. The animal claiming this spot is the horse.


We are not completely certain if horses are directly responsible for the accidents, or are just part of them. Nonetheless, whether by accident or on purpose, horses are responsible for the deaths of 20 people per year!

Number 20 is the leopard.


This animal is big and aggressive, and if you find yourself near one, you will be in big trouble! On average, this cat ends the life of 29 people in a year.

Unlike the leopard, the animal that holds the 19th spot on this list is everything but big. As a matter of fact, it is one of the smallest animals in the world! We are talking about the ant!


This small insect can be deadly. Let us not forget about the bullet ant, which has the most painful sting in the world! These small insects kill 30 people per year. They might be small, but this doesn’t stop them from being dangerous.

If you want to find out the complete list of deadly animals, you will have to watch the video below. Enjoy!

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