When it comes to weird things, no other country does it as well as Japan. They are known throughout the world for making ordinary things as weird as possible, from weird cartoons, all the way to making square watermelons.

While we are on the subject of square things, there is a new trend in Japan and Taiwan where pet owners have their dogs groomed to resemble cubes!

It might sound unbelievable, but it really is! Several pictures on the Internet have surfaced where a dog that resembles a cube is shown! Leave it to the Japanese to make something special out of something ordinary like dog grooming. Although this trend still isn’t popular in the United States, we still think that it is quite amazing!

The first time a dog was groomed to resemble as cube was in Tokyo, during the Tokyo Dog Festival, back in 2012.


However, the ‘’dog’’ that was groomed then wasn’t real, in fact, it was just a fluffy mannequin.

During the event, teams consisted of several groomers were given a task to groom the mannequin, and one team decided to cut it into cubes. We are certain that none of the groomers thought that people from all over the world would actually like the idea of shaving dogs into cubes.
One dog groomer from Taiwan decided to implement this idea on real dogs, and the final result was absolutely incredible!


In spite of the trend, there have only been several people who have actually requested their dogs to be shaven like cubes. According to the groomer, this is only possible on dogs that have a lot of hair on their faces, and those breeds are only a few. Furthermore, it is quite hard to get the correct shape and to maintain all the angles. This might be one of the reasons why this trend still hasn’t started in the US.
However, this is not a reason to be sad! There is another way that you can groom your dog which is just as adorable and way more practical and doesn’t involve angles. We are talking about shaving your dog’s hair to resemble a circle.


It is just as striking as the cube shape we assure you! If you are not a fan of cubes, then this is the style for you!

Dogs need to be groomed anyways, so why not follow the trends and groom their hair into a specific shape? If your pooch has a lot of hair on its face that can be groomed, go for it!

The cube shape might be your favorite, but you must remember that only a few breeds have the necessary hair for this, like a poodle for example. If you don’t fancy the cube shape, the circle shape is here for you.

Whichever shape you decide for, you will not go wrong either way. Your dog will look magnificent and at the end of the day, who doesn’t want their dog to look amazing? We know we do!

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