Taking pictures of your pets can certainly be tricky and challenging sometimes. It is very hard for animals to stay calm for a few seconds until you take the perfect picture.

Therefore, taking pictures of animals, regardless if they are pets or wild animals require patience and understanding of their behavior.


Happily, thanks to the Photoshop now we can edit and improve our pictures. Photoshop really transformed the history of modern photography.  Not only it can help you create breathtaking photography, but additionally you can use it to create all the images that you visualize.

That is the case with the guy from our story, a photographer named Christopher Cline, who produced one of the funniest animal pictures ever.  Therefore, he really never had to worry that his images would be ruined.

This young man was in a sad mood after he moved from Virginia to Minnesota. He was very close to depression and didn’t know how to help himself. His girlfriend was very concerned about him, so she chose to give him a dog.

They named the dog Juji. Christopher didn’t like dogs that much, but since he got this sweet golden doodle it served him as an endless inspiration. They really bond together and spent a lot of time doing different activities.


From these activities, a brilliant idea was born. They had a lot of pictures together so he decided to put his photography skills to the test. In order to do so, Juji becomes the main subject of his photo book that was instantly spread over the internet.

The results are amazing! Christopher created hilarious photos of them together, in which Juji was portrayed as a giant. The motive behind this approach is that he wanted to bring children’s sense to his photo book. Indeed, those pictures are a reflection of children’s fantasy about their secret friendship with animals. At the same time, they are extremely funny because of their simplicity.

Today, he says that he is really proud of his work and that helped him to start feeling a lot better.

Here below are some of the pictures he created. Check them out! It may serve you as an inspiration as well! If not, then for sure you will have a big laugh!









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