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Why people are so afraid of death? Well the answer is quite simple. People are scared of mysteries and death has two. The first mystery is where are we going after we die? And the second mystery is that part where we can’t predict our time of death. These two mysteries have a good-looking chance to become one thanks to our domestic pets.


Why? Because according to science domestic pets such as cats and dogs’ can feel when their owner is seriously ill, grieving or when his death is coming. Your next question is probably, how?

Before we jump to that, we should first tell you a little story about one cat from a nursery home with a nickname “Angel Of Death”. Don’t ask yourself why, this cat can predict the time of your death. Quite interesting, right?

There are many people out there that are trying to find an answer till this day and the only reasonable they have is that Oscar doesn’t have any super-powers, but he can sense  death thanks to his nose which can recognize some specific smell that may appear in the time before death and all that thanks to some chemicals that we usually omit before we go on the other side


Oscar Therapy Cat

 Now you may wonder how do they figure out? It’s easy, at first they didn’t notice but afterwards they became suspicious about that because every resident that passed away was visited by Oscar within two hours before the death appeared. Oscar did not jinx them like many people believe, he just wanted to give them a security they all needed and hope that there is something else

How can your pets sense things like that?

Pretty easy actually. Dogs’ sense of smell is 10.000 times stronger than ours, also they can read our body language if we spend some time with them. For us humans to have an ability to read other people body signs is quite difficult, but for them this is not a problem

Can Your Pets Sense Your Death Coming

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 Cats on the other hand are known as great readers of the human body also and they have an amazing sixth sense which gives them a power to know when they are dying and when the death is coming for their loving owner


Meet the Meow Meow Band

 Maybe some of you may think that your cat doesn’t care enough for you, but don’t judge the book by its cover. Cats are very generous, solidarity and they’re full with empathy for other beings.

They can feel the pain often. If it’s physical pain they’ll sit on the exact spot you are hurt. But when it comes about emotional pain then they will sit by your side or at the position of your heart. That’s amazing, doesn’t it?

How to understand those signs?

Cats are also know to run away from home if they sense their death is coming.  They don’t like their loved ones to see them in such an awful condition, somehow they  feel embarrassed because of that, so the first thing that pops into their mind is running away and hiding


When it comes about their owner’s health, it’s very easy to notice their alert signs. They will do everything to steal your attention and to direct your way of thinking on that matter

Note For The Reader*

When it comes about yours or someone else’s life then this is not a laughing matter. Take this with a lot of seriousness and be careful in the future. Love your pets and take care of them. They are lifesavers which is a reason plus for you to be more serious and more aware for your health. Take care and pay attention in the future

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