Can Your Dog Save Your Life? 9 Health Benefits You Enjoy When You Own a Dog

Many people out there can witness how one dog can become lifesaver not just for one individual, but for the whole family also. In many cases dog is the reason why some marriages are still functional and why some childhoods were so awesome. They can be that important to one family, yeah.

Dogs and Family

That’s why dogs should be listed as national treasures worldwide. Dogs’ can improve our health and mood significantly and the best part is that they can provide us with some other health benefits that we weren’t aware of. In this article you can find more about this health benefits that can convince you to get a puppy for your or for someone you know and is suffering from anxiety, depression or panic attacks…

9. Dogs’ can predict earthquakes

This is definitely a health benefit and nothing more. Earthquakes are very stressful and dangerous for us humans especially because we can’t do anything about it. That’s why dogs’ are here to help us. According to science dogs’ perhaps can feel the earthquake oncoming.

Dogs predict earthquakes

Because of their ability to hear 4 time as far as humans they can sense seismic activities that indicates earthquake. If you hear your dog barking, then you should probably get you and your loved ones at a safe place where you can’t be injured (just in case).

8. Dogs’ can sense if you have two types of cancer inside you

Many of you may have heard about this but have you listened to the end of it? If you Google this you can find many articles on this particular matter, many of them are true and many of them are false, but they all speak one truth – dogs can sense if you have cancer.

Dogs can sense if you have two types of cancer

The thing that many of them fail to mention is that dogs’ can smell skin cancer by sniffing at your skin sores. The other type of cancer they can sense is prostate cancer just by smelling a sample of the urine. Their reaction is really interesting. They either sit or lay down parallel by the sample.

7. Dogs can improve your immune system

We all like to stay healthy and fit all the time, but that is a very difficult thing to do and we have some periods when we are not treating ourselves well and we easily get scare about our future. Some of us have strong immune systems and some of us don’t.

Dogs can improve your immune system

Just by petting your dog you can lower your blood pressure but also the benefit when you own a dog is that your immune system is getting stronger and inside you is growing healthy bacteria that will keep you safe from diseases.

6. Dogs can help you to get rid of diseases such as anxiety and depression

These diseases are serious thing and they should be treated in that way. We live in 21st century and the most common thing that people die from is Cancer and Depression. If we make a comparison between these two diseases then we can see that cancer is killing us very fast and depression works slowly.

Dogs help with anxiety and depression

People have to be more supportive about these things. That’s why if you know someone who is dealing with this kind of disease you have to get them a puppy, because according to science people who are in a depressive mood can cheer up if they spend some time with dogs.

5. Dogs’ can help you to exercise more

Dogs’ are the best companions that you can get for a walk. They will let you to enjoy in your walk as long as you bring them with you. For elderly people is recommended to walk every day at least two times per day for 2 km long walk, if you don’t have a dog then you probably don’t have a motive to go outside.

Dog Can Help You Walk

Humans and dogs’ share some connection between them and they definitely make us better persons. If you are much younger then you should probably start jogging with your dog on regular base. Eventually you will feel better and you will give your dog an opportunity to lose some energy too.

4. Dogs’ can help you with your diabetes

Dogs’ can detect diabetes. There are dogs’ that are specifically trained how to detect if your blood pressure is getting lower and how to accompany people who have this problem.

Dogs can help with diabetis

Is your dog a lifesaver like the trained one? Yes it is, most of the dogs’ can sense when your blood pressure is low but they don’t know how to alert you. This is where the training takes his part. But if you pay attention enough maybe you will understand the signs he leaves for you.

3. Dogs can lead you to quit smoking

Yup it’s true. Their cuteness has so much power sometimes. When you have a dog you care so much for that little creature  you are prepared to leave everything that is harming them. If you are a smoker then they are passive smokers and that is worse.

Cats can help you stop smoking

Some people take that very seriously and without hesitation they stop smoking. Better lifesaver from that can you find? Smoking is very dangerous for you and everyone around you, this health benefit only dogs’ can give, because according to science we will never stop smoking for our own good, but we will leave that poison if we put in danger someone else.

2. Dogs’ can feel seizure oncoming

They can’t predict danger but what they really can do is to feel when their loved ones are in a dangerous situation or their health is threatened by possible seizure.

Dogs can help with seizures

If you or someone you know have history with seizures, like epileptic or any other seizure, then you should probably tell them if they get specifically trained dog who can alert you when seizure is oncoming then their life will be much safer and less stressful.

1. Your dog will help your kid to grow up as normal, healthy and caring lovely being

If you have kids then you should probably want to know, that if you own a dog that will teach your kid how to respect and compassionate with other people. If your kid loves animals then you should be very proud of that person, because they can never harm anybody and always will be there to help you and to watch your back.

Your Dog Can Help Your Kid Grow Stronger

Watch out maybe your dog is trying to tell you something very important for your health. They are not always boring because they are hungry, sometimes they can save your life as well. Maybe this article for some of you will come as an inspiration to teach your dog some new tricks that can be very helpful in the future.

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