Your hobby will become more awesome if your best friends come along too. But what if your best friends are dogs?

There is no problem for David Bahnson, a retired orthopedic surgeon from Vermont who found a way to experience his hobby with his two dogs. In order to do that, he built a specially designed kayak so that his dogs can accompany him as well. Because of that, each venture on the water can be done together with his happy dogs.

Bahnson said the Dodo that the dogs absolutely love their adventure. He said that they are excited and pleased once they see him pulling the kayak out to get ready. This unusual idea came to his mind once he witnessed how easily his first dog, Susie, can fit in the baggage part of the kayak, that he also created using a kit by Pygmy Boats.


He noticed that the coming exterior of the kayak around the opening helped her stay dry and comfortable. So she managed to sit in it as they moved into the water on their tours.

Soon after, he and his wife had another furry family member, named Ginger. So there was not enough space for both of the dogs on the kayak. Bahnson really loves his dogs so he didn’t want to leave the new dog out when they go kayaking, so he had to make an adjustment on his kayak.

His adjustment resulted with adding a second hole for Ginger. That way, it looks like a triple kayak, but the two holes are good only for dogs. Inside there isn’t a sufficient place for paddlers to put their feet in, so only dogs can use it.


Some would think that it takes much convincing for the dogs to settle and stay settled when they  go on the kayak adventures. Surprisingly, Bahnson said that they are really obedient and can’t wait to get into their seats. Also, they don’t paddle too far from the land and his dogs know how to keep the safety on their trips.

The dogs are trained to get in their seat by themselves on command. Once they sit down in their places, then the kayak can move. The same applies when they come back to the shore. Susie and Ginger remain seated until Bahnson tells them that they should get out. Although  these dogs are great swimmers, still they never jump out into the water.

Bahnson tells us that he saw other people kayaking with a dog, but they have in the cockpit in the same seat as theirs. He finds that a bit uncomfortable and his way showed to be more effective. With his kayak every dog has a space of his own and they relax and enjoy the ride.

Sadly, Ginger and Susie passed away after living their life filled with many adventures on the kayak with Bahnson. However, the tradition is not dead. The custom boat, which was originally built for them, is now used by their current family pets.

Once they get on the kayak they attract a lot of attention and happy smiles of the people nearby. However, the happiest are the dogs that can enjoy this beautiful adventure.

Furthermore, Bahnson finishes by saying that he really cherishes the company of his dogs and enjoys training them. Together they have gone miles and miles of paddling and they are very excited when going to different places.

So let this be your motivation to include your best furry friend to your next adventure. You will create memories for a lifetime!

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