Are You Really Paying Big Money For Dead Meat With Cancer In It?

This is definitely not a click-bait. Internet has become a place where you can educate yourself, but you will need to recognize which news is fake and which one is real. These days one picture with dead meat in it has become so viral that even meat-lovers may reconsider their choice.
Why? Because clearly it comes from a guy that works at the butcher shop. We would like to mention that every information you’ll find in here is from people who work in meat industry. Their identity won’t be revealed, but they’ve told us about all the methods they are forced (by their managers) to use in there.

Before we jump to the viral picture and starting to analyze, we would like to say few things

Pigs Life Expectancy

Some of you may not know but one pork can live up to 25 years and their average lifespan is 15-20 years. We are talking about domestic pigs. Wild pigs have shorten lifespan of 4-8 years

Cute Baby Pigs

And did you know that pig breeders usually kill their pigs when they are starting to get big enough and that’s probably when the pig is 8 months old or maximum 1 year old

Pig Age In Human Years

So, according to science 1 year old pig is equivalent with 18 years old human person. That is equivalent to killing an 18 year old boy or girl. Why? Because we respect every form of life and so should you. Pigs like the rest of the animals they have a pretty decent lifespan, that’s why it makes you wonder? Is our greed for meat bigger than someone’s life? If this doesn’t have nothing with high morals, then we don’t know what has

Whatcha Doing

On the other hand we would like to mention that too many people are buying dead meat that already has cancer in it . And guess what? They are paying a lot of money for that. Viral picture just proves that there are so many butchers and meat markets that will do anything just to sell their dead meat. It’s obvious they don’t care about their customers health and all they are interested in is a big profit. Pretty sad, they may escape the law but what about their conscious? How can they escape that?

Can People Stop Eating Pork?

People love to eat meat, no matter how many vegetarian or vegan people are trying out there to stop animal cruelty and to raise awareness among the rest of the human population

Delicious Looking Pork

And yet unfortunately, always will be there some people will  put their needs for meat in front of everything else and they don’t want to think about the cruelty and terror that pork has been through just to be delivered in their plate for them to say “mmmm” so delicious. But that’s how it is

What Is Dead Meat? 

Some of you may not know what is the meaning that is hiding behind “Dead Meat”. Well, dead meat can be every meat that smells strange, its color is more dark, tired and old in the display and they (Meat Markets) have to throw it in garbage because no one will want to buy it

How To Avoid Buying It?

Meat Companies, Markets and Butchers don’t like to waste money because the meat is dead, so the garbage is not an option, they choose to throw all the dead meat in the mince so no one can notice the color of the meat. Pretty disgusting, right? That’s not even the worst part. Some of you may have tried burgers that are labeled as Lamb or Beef Burgers, and guess what? Never trust a label

This is one fine looking beef burger damn

Why? Because they use every part, every inch of the animal just to keep their profit high. Did you know how dangerous  can became for you if you eat dead meat? You are not doubling, you are tripling the risk of Cancer. You don’t want to die because of someone’s greed. So, how to avoid buying dead meat? If you can’t control your needs for meat and you enjoy eating it then we would suggest you to reconsider your choice twice, before you buy mince meat and meat that comes in small pieces

Is Chicken Meat Safer?

No, it’s the same and sometimes even worse. Why? Because things like Tumors, Cyst’s and Cancer pretty often show up at Chickens, just like in every other meat you prefer to eat. People that work at the butcher store or in the meat market can confirm how they treat this type of meat, when they come across with

Is Chicken Meat Better Than Pork Meat

Pretty much the same methods they use with the pork, beef and lamb meat and that is they mince in a machine or they sent them back to the company from where they buy it. Sometimes they clean the contaminated meat and they sell it, but if the workers are very busy at that time, they leave it for later or in some occasions they sell the meat like that

Don’t Buy Meat In Summer

If you don’t have any needs for meat during the summer, then you shouldn’t buy it. In summer meat markets are buying meat with poor quality because of the huge discounts that come with it.  This low-quality stock is with the same price as some quality stock from other legit markets. If you put this type of meat in your fridge or if you forget it in your car, then it won’t last it

This Is The Viral Photo

People Are Eating Dead Meat With Cancer That Are Not Aware Of

People Are Eating Dead Meat With Cancer That Are Not Aware Of FB

People Are Eating Dead Meat With Cancer That Are Not Aware Of Twitter


The first step we should do is to change our mentalities. Why? Because eating dead meat won’t help you to become stronger and healthier, in the end you will feel the consequences. How? Dead meat can result on many ways. Such as Cancer, Tumor and other spontaneous diseases. Some females even reported that the dead meat is the reason why they ended with Cysts that need high medical attention

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