5 Simple Hacks All Dog Owners Need To Know

To be a dog owner is not an easy thing at first. Why? Because it requires time for your dog to become a “good boy“. If you don’t have a list of simple hacks that will help you through the process, you might find difficulties. That’s why we thought that you might want this 5 simple hacks that can save your furniture at least. Before we jump to that, everybody needs to understand few things.

First, owning a dog means a lot of responsibilities for you. That’s why you need to free your schedule, so you can be here for your dog at the beginning. Second of all, you need to have patience and knowledge that the whole process requires time. At least 6 to 8 months. Keep in mind, this is a living creature, it’s not a toy, so don’t be an impulsive buyer. Keeping a dog can also save your life in many different ways, so maybe you should think twice if you already don’t have one.

Animals Universe is always on your side. We will do anything to make yours and your pet’s life much easier. Thanks to the internet today we have many simple hacks that we didn’t know they existed.

Lets start with this 5 simple hacks we made for you

1. How To Stop Your Dog From Digging

Many people love their dogs’ but hate to deal with their natural habits. One of those habits is digging a hole. Why? Because they usually love to create a little bed for comfortable resting. Although they do this a lot on the furniture, to hide their valuable items or to warm themselves.

How To Stop Your Dog From Digging

How To Stop This?

Take 4 tablespoons of Cayenne pepper and in 1/4 l of Water and try to mix them up with 4 tablespoons of Pepper Sauce. Then splash a little bit on the area where your dog usually digs. Dogs’ can’t stand the smell of pepper so in the future they will keep in mind to avoid it. This is definitely one of that simple hacks that can save your furniture and keep your dog out of trouble.

2. How To Take A Chewing Gum Out Of Your Dog’s Fur?

This is probably the best hack of all simple hacks on this list because it’s very useful for humans also. At least once everybody in their lifetime had a situation with a chewing gum. If you don’t know how to take it out, in a panic your first solution might be a haircut. But why ruin your hairstyle just because of one gum?  Just follow this easy steps.

How To Remove Chewing Gum From Your Dog Fur - Simple Hacks

How To Do It?

Sip 40 (ml) of Olive Oil in a glass, then dip your fingers in it and after a while start rubbing the chewing gum. In a short time, you will notice the gum falling apart from the fur. When you finish give your dog a shower with dog shampoo and everything will be back to normal, without traumas.

From dozens of simple hacks you can find on the internet, we rank this one in the top 5 simple hacks of all time.

3. What To Do, When Your Dog Runs Away?

Well, simple hacks can’t help you if this is a regular problem with your dog. It’s more matter of a trust issue. But in some cases, this can happen if your dog sees a soulmate during your walks or because of a group of dogs who are making your dog feel uncomfortable. Use this simple hacks so you can improve the bond with your dog and to keep sure that your dog is staying until the end with you.

Dog Running Away

What to do, when this happens?

You don’t want to run after your dog, they will think that you’ll punish them, so the first thing on their mind is to run away. That’s why all you have to do is to Fake an Injury and they will come back as fast as they can, to check you out.

4. How To Stop Your Dog From Chewing?

This is definitely No.1 Problem with dogs while they’re young.  A lot of owners are constantly nervous because of this thing and they can’t figure it out how to stop them from doing it. But they don’t do this on purpose either it’s to forget about the pain from their teeth’s or to strengthen their jaw.

Dog Chewing Furniture

The Best Way To Make Your Dog Stop Chewing?

First, take 1.5 deciliters of White Vinegar and the same amount of Apple Cider Vinegar then mix that up with a 0.5 (l) of water in one bottle. After you shake that bottle, slowly spray on the surface of every furniture you have in your loving home. Dogs can’t stand the smell of Vinegar, so your furniture will be safe in the future. (Do not worry your furniture will not have a smell of vinegar)

5. How To Clean Dog Ears?

This is one of that simple hacks that will reduce your stress while you clean your dog’s ears and will take only 3 minutes of your life. Everything you need to do is to put a bag of chamomile tea in a hot water and wait for the water to cool off. After that take cotton and dip it in the water then start cleaning your dog’s ear canals carefully, without forcing it. After, only one minute of rubbing you will see the dirt coming out.

How To Clean Your Dog Ears - Simple Hacks

On this link you can see how to take advantage of Chamomile Tea for various things connected with your dog’s health.

Every dog owner from time to time needs a little help and that’s our favorite thing to do. That’s why we are working everyday with every atom we have just to help you out and to make sure that the time you spend with your dog is a wonderful adventure for both of you.

If you find this article helpful, then maybe we can offer you some other articles that can improve your bond with your dog and at the same time you will educate more about your pet’s health care and condition. Also, that can help you to enrich your knowledge about dogs in general and who knows? Maybe that can motivate you in the future to become an Animal Expert.

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