I have always wondered what does my dog think right now, what does he want now?
Dogs are awesome pets and very friendly. They always have something new to do, dig or just chew stuff at home. My Doggo always lick my face when I try to sleep, sometimes I must hide myself with the pillow to try to sleep.

Even if I know so much about dogs, I have so much to ask them.

Here are all the things I wish I could ask dogs. If you are a dog, please answer some of these in the comments

  1. Do you know other dogs are dogs even if they look different from you?
  2. You know that the poop in the park was not your right? Maybe that’s not even a poop from you species “aghhhh”…
  3. Why you always tilt your head like that when I am thinking about food?
  4. You know that the fridge is for human food, why you always stand before it?
  5. I always wondered why you chase your tail, is it something you do to have fun or you have no idea that’s your tail?
  6. Why do you always run in circles? Is it because it’s hard to run in squares or you just love circles? 
  7. You know that my bed is not your bed? I know I let you sleep there all the time, but the bed is MINE!
  8. You can’t wait for me to throw you a toy, then you struggle to give it back? Why ?
  9. Will you ever stop watching me in the eye while eating? You know it is bad for you.
  10. Does chocolate is always in your head, or you just know what I am thinking? 
  11. Will you ever stop barking at the neighbor cat? There is no point barking, she is in the other house and doesn’t even care for you.
  12. How can you be so happy when you see a bug on the floor?
  13. Why do you hate enter the water when is time for a bath, but after you don’t want to exit?
  14. You know I know you want something when you tilt your head, but that doesn’t mean I know exactly what you want.
  15. Will you ever stop barking when I am coming home? You know that it’s only me…
  16. What if I bite your fingers for once? How would you like that?
  17. Is shower the scariest thing in dogs world? Do you tell your shower-stories to young puppy’s when we take a walk?
  18. You know that you made me look terrible when you didn’t want to pet with the nice lady in the park? It could have been your mama. 
  19. Do you realize how much I love you, that you are my whole world? Or you just want to pet and eat?
  20.  How are you so exited to eat almost the same food every day? Day after day…
  21. You ever think about work? What would you do if you had the chance?
  22. What is my name, how do you call me in your dogs language? 
  23. When I stepped on your tail and said I am sorry, did you know I was apologizing. 
  24. Do you feel abused when I pet you for an hour?
  25. You know really well what socks are, why do you keep chewing them? 
  26. Do you know that a dog lifespan is only 7 human years? 
  27. The postal carrier is coming every day, he is only bringing us latter’s, not bombs
  28. The vacuum cleaner is my enemy, not yours…
  29. You have been in the bathroom before, what do you think is going to happen to me there? No one is going to hurt me, don’t worry.
  30. We go for a walk every day, why do you always make it so hard when you know we are going outside?

This questions don’t change the fact that we will always love dogs. Dogs are smart and awesome pets to keep at home. There are a lot of good health benefits when you own a dog. Consider adopting a dog? Check some of the endangered dog breeds in the world, maybe we can save some of them.

If, you are a dog owner you should consider reading about some of the common things that can cause trouble to your pet at home.



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