15 Family Animal Movies For an Awesome Evening

The Best List of Animal Movies We Have Watched And Suggest to You Watching.

Animal Movies can be interesting but sometimes even sad type of movies. Many of us sometimes have difficulties finding the movie that will take away our breath while watching it. All of us can admit that we do a little research before we start watching and the results sometimes can be devastating. Many times you spend your whole evening searching and in the end you are standing there angry with empty hands.

Animal Movies that can fit perfectly in your schedule for this Sunday evening.

11. Nine Lives Is One Of Those Animal Movies That Will Make You Laugh With A Guilt

Nine Lives is Of of The Funiest Animal Movies

Well this is a new movie and it’s very similar with The Shaggy Dog but it’s about cats. You may not love it because the main character is playing Kevin Spacey and after all the allegations he have on his name, some of you may find difficult to watch it, but this is just a comedy film and have nothing to do with that.

10. Eight Below

Another heartbreaking story about dog sled and their owners a group of three friends who have to part ways with their dogs’ because of an accident from the bad weather conditions. This group of dogs’ now is all alone versus the harsh weather.

Eight Below is one of the most interesting animal movies

Can they survive enough time till their owners come back? If you have not watched it yet, then this movie is a perfect choice for your Sunday evening with your family. This movie is an example that perfect Animal Movies exists.

9. Secretariat

Secretariat is one of the best movies that Disney ever made. It’s about one woman who takes courage to manage her father’s horse breeding farm after he finds out about his disease.

Secretariat is one of the best horse racing animal moviesOf course she needs help with their breeding so she decides to hire a horse trainer that can make her horse one of the greatest champions of all time. The main actors in this movie are Diane Lane and John Malkovich and like always they did a pretty good job.

8. Red Dog

This is one of those Animal Movies that makes you drop a tear or two. It’s a story very similar to Hachi but it’s so different at the same time. The story location is in Australia and it’s about one dog that can’t stop grieving for his owner who died in a car crash.

Red Dog - Animal Movies

You’ll see a very brave dog that’s facing with life full of ups and downs that sometimes even human can’t survive it, but this dog is full of strength, love and hope that eventually he will reunite with his owner. It’s based on a true story and if sometimes you end up in Dampier, Australia you can find a statue dedicated to the Red Dog.

7. A Street Cat Named Bob

This is a life changing story about James Bowen who is a street musician in London and also a drug addict. The whole twist starts when he runs into a ginger cat named Bob which will change his life in a way he can’t possibly imagine.

A Street Cat Named Bob - Animal Movies

Very inspiring and educational movie at the same time, that can teach you about some valuable life goals.

6. Marley and Me

It’s very possible that all of you have seen this movie and it’s understandable why. This is maybe one of the best Animal Movies that you can find ever.

Marley and Me - Animal Movies

Well, If you missed the opportunity to watch it then this is the first thing you should probably do now. Great actors, great performance and true love presented on a screen. Only people without soul will tell you that this movie is meh or bad.

5. Hachi: A Dog Story

One of the best Richard Gere movies ever and he only acts for about 30 minutes in it. The whole story is about the dog and how he handles his grieving he has for his owner. You will cry, you will laugh and definitely you will beg for a puppy in your home.

Hachi-Animal Movies

4. Old Yeller

This movie is much older than most of us, but we are sure that small percent of people have not watched it yet. The Old Yeller premiere of the movie was in 1957 and when it came out people were shocked how good it is and today nothings changed, this piece of tape is still considered like one of the best from all Animal Movies.

Old Yeller is one of the best Animal Movies ever made

The story as you may know is about one family and yellow dog which according to the novel his breed is Black Mouth Cur but in the movie they filmed a dog that was from a mixed breed and picked up from a shelter.

Old Yeller The Movie To Be Remember

The main characters in this movie beside the dog are two brothers and their mother while their dad is on a cattle drive. They spend all the time they have with their dog and looking for funny adventures, but the danger is sneaking behind the bushes. You can’t stay cold blooded while watching this film, 93% of the people have cried like babies at the end of it.

3. Dunston Checks In

With this movie every kid should grow like we used to. You may have not seen this movie in a while and it’s worth a shoot to watch it with your kids. It has all elements that make movie interesting for kids like: monkey, thief, kid in danger and supporting parents. Dunston Checks In can make your Sunday really awesome!

Dunston Checks In - Animal Moves

2. Keanu

One of the best Action-ComedyAnimal Movies you can find ever. The story is about two friends who will get into trouble just because they can’t stop falling in love over and over in the same little cat who they intend to call Keanu.

Keanu - Animal Movies

The cat is wanted by some dangerous people who don’t have problems to kill anybody that stands on their way to find the little Keanu. One of the actors that play in this movie is the very famous movie director who is behind the movie franchise “Get Out“. We guarantee you that you will fall in love with cats after this movie even if you are a dog person.

1. A dog’s purpose

There’s a reason why we left this movie for the end of this list. In this movie, you will find everything you need how to teach your kid to love, respect, to empathy with others. The story is about one dog that can reincarnate itself just to be an angel keeper for his owner. You will see how one kid is growing and how much influence his dog has on his life.

Dogs Purpose - Animal Movies

There are a lot of interesting and popular Animal Movies that we can watch and enjoy. Trust me there are none like the ones we put here for you. If you are going to watch some funny, comedy or action animal movie you will find it here. Don’t forget to share it with your friends to watch some of these great animal movies.

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