15 Endangered dog breeds. How we let this happen?

5. Welsh Terrier

Well, this is shocking. Year after year this breed was a winner in competitions in dogs. This breed now is in the list of endangered dog breeds in the world.

Welsh Terrier Is Endangared Dog Breed

These dogs have great characteristics that comes perfect with their adorable “angry look”. We are definitely positive that you’ll fall in love immediately with their elegance.

4. Bearded Collie

Originally this breed is from Scotland and their main purpose was to herd sheep. They have too much energy which makes them great for a competition with other dogs. Of course if the purpose is good.Bearded Collie is endanged dog breed

Bearded Collie can be a great family dog and bodyguard for Kids. What worries us is the fact that they are on this list and the demand for them is not increasing, so that puts them in a very dangerous position. We shall all feel ashamed for turning this breed in an endangered dog breed.

3. Karelian Bear Dog

Some of you may know this dog, but what you didn’t know is that they are from Finland and they are their national treasure.

Karelian Bear is becoming and endangered dog breed

They are great hunter but they are also easy to tame and that makes them a good pets. They are also one of the 10 most intelligent breeds of dogs.

2. Azawakh

People that don’t know too much about dogs’ think that this breed is the same as Greyhound. They look-alike but they have origin from West-Africa.

Azawakh The African Greyhound is becoming an endangered dog breed

This breed is well-known for their great ability for hunting. It’s very painful to see them on this list as endangered dog breed.

1. Bull Terrier

We’ll end this list with Bull Terrier. These breeds have changed their function a lot of times. It’s sad that we use them for dog fights and their price is huge so they are only suitable for rich people. Bull Terrier is part of the 10 most endangered dog breeds in the world

That leads us to a question, where are they today and what are they doing? Today you can see them often in the show business and that is where the story ends. That’s sad.  People don’t want them anymore because their cuteness is not overload like other dogs’ and that’s where we ask ourselves again, how did we let this happen?

Some more info:

Today we know that many breed and species from our past no longer exist. So, that’s why we like to be better than our ancestors and that’s why we need to raise more awareness about these endangered dog breeds.

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