15 Endangered dog breeds. How we let this happen?

What we find interesting and devastating in this article is that to many Terrier’s are on this list as endangered dog breeds. We shall be ashamed.

10. English Toy Terrier

This dogs’ have great story behind them. They are from UK and literally they are a small version of Manchester Terrier. English toy Terrier is first seen in 1960’s and it is a mix from English black and Tan Terrier.

English Toy Terrier is Endangered Dog Breed

The mission when this dog was first created is to hunt the rats in the pipes of England. Afterwards became adorable puppy that people start keeping at home. They can use them in a game where the dog with the highest rate of rat killings is the winner. But that game no longer exists and these puppies later proved that they can make really great pets as well. These miniature creatures are perfect for people who live in apartments or in a flat. This is why you need to reconsider your choice again and maybe the one reading this can play their part in saving of this entire endangered dog breed.

9. Otter Hound

Otter Hound is a dog breed with many amazing gifts. Like many other dogs trained for hunting, this one is one of the best. We can recommend these dogs’ only if you live in a house with a big backyard.

Elizabeth Spencer Davis is lucky to have two of these amazing breed, it was their birthday so she took some great photos of them. They are large in size and very energetic. Amazing and great pets only if you can make a great owner. Now they are listed as endangered dog breed by the British Kennel Club.

8. Finish Spitz

It’s logical that this breed is from Finland. People breed these dogs for hunting, but that was not their main goal. They are very gentle, loyal and can make a great company. But people fall in love with this breed especially because of their barking. Their Bark sounds as “talking” which is quite amazing.

They have energy all the time so that is why this breed is perfectly if you live in a house where they can be free all the time to play how much they want. Let’s help this awesome breed and take them of this list. They are too good to be true. It would be shameful for us humans if they vanish from existence.

7. Manchester Terrier

They look-alike with their siblings known as English toy terrier and they have pretty much same abilities. Because of their speed, people sometime breed them for rat killings and coursing.

Manchester Terrier is one of the endangered breeds in the world

They are very lovely and can make great friends if you are ready for their love. It’s perfect because of their size they can live inside your home or in your yard to protect your property, it’s all up to you in the end.

6. Norwich Terrier

Norwich Terrier is type of dog that can make a great companion and a hunter at the same time. But because of their small size, , .

Norwich Terrier is one of the endangered dog breeds

They are small dogs’ and it’s very difficult to find one. If you want this dog so badly, then maybe you can contact some legit club for Norwich Terrier that can give you more info where you can buy one.

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