15 Endangered dog breeds. How we let this happen?

Dogs’ are one precious gift for us humans and we must find solution how to respect and protect that gift. Today we know many dog breeds and we love all of them equally, but some of them within the years have become not so popular, so they ended as endangered dog breeds. They aren’t anything different than the other dogs, maybe they are less cute, but that is not the only thing that matters.

Cutest Baby Chewbacca

Why we actually love dogs?

The reason why we all love dogs’ is because of their unconditionally love for people that take care of them, so that’s why being cute is not on the top of that list. In this article we can find several endangered dog breeds and learn more about them. All of these breeds were once popular and wanted by the people so this is why we need to question ourselves how we let this happen?

You must read this article before buying a dog.

If you or some of your friends have plans to buy a dog, please reconsider your choice and have a quick look at this article.

15 endangered dog breeds that will surprise you how they got on the list:

15. Greyhound

This was once very wanted breed by the hunters who used them for various things but mostly for hunting because of their amazing speed, so people saw the potential in this breed and they’ve took advantage of it.

Greyhound Breed is One of the Endangered Dog

This endangered dog breed later exploited for dog racing, coursing and many other dog sports because of their amazing athletic abilities. People that enjoy to watch animated TV Series will recognize this breed as Santa’s Little Helper from The Simpsons.

14. Mastiff

We absolutely love these fluffy dogs’. This endangered  dog breed is one of the oldest and is known as a great warrior. People in the past were thinking that this breed is only good if you use it in war. We are in a modern era now and these dogs’ have proven that they’re also great for family people.

This Cuties Are on the list of endangered dog

The best part is that they love kids, they’re very protective about them and they enjoy in their company. The sad part is that this is endangered dogs now and according to AKC (American Kennel Club) they only have counted 102 Mastiffs in 2016. So, how did this happen?

13. Corgi

Once was UK’s favorite breed of dog. Now it is devastating to hear from the British Kennel Club that this is an endangered dog breed.

Corgi Breed is on the list of endangered dog

They are not in a dangerous situation like Mastiffs are, but they will be very soon. According to the stats we only know for 393 alive dogs’ from this breed. This is a surprise, because everybody know that WELSH Corgi breed is the Queen’s favorite. Queen Elizabeth ll was famous for breeding more than 30 Corgi’s in her lifetime.

12. Peruvian Inca Orchid

This breed is quite amazing for us, but not good enough for people out there because of their appearance. They don’t look like regular puppies but they are equally good as them. The reason why they are slightly discriminated is because of their look, they are hairless. These dogs’ are suitable only for people who have experience and who know how to communicate with dogs’ on their language.

Peruvian Inca With Funny Hairstyle

This is very shocking fact that this dogs are on the list of endangered dog breeds, because they were once known as South America’s favorite. Besides that they are hairless they have a reputation also as great runners, very agile, quite protective and friendly with other dogs’.

Reason why people lost interest

The other reason why people lost interest in this breed is because they have a little health problem. They lack adult teeth compared with other dogs’. When their baby teeth fall out, some of them never grow back. But for true dog lovers this shouldn’t be a big deal, because you’ll take care of your dog meals and you’ll make sure that they are not hard to be eaten.

11. Georgia Bloodhound

It’s understandable why this breed is endangered now. In the past they were used often by the Sheriff’s for tracking criminals, missing persons and dead bodies. They have very powerful sense which lead to be used and by criminal people also mostly by headhunters.

Bloodhound is one of the 10 endangered breeds in the world

In the modern era where Sheriff’s only exists in small parts of the map, police now have trained and raised other dog breeds for tracking, so the interest for this breed have decreased. It’s a shame that we use this breed just in criminalizes, when they can be very good pets also.

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