15 Celebrity Pets & Their Popular Owners

 5. Smoke, Lulu & Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum is one of the most recognizable faces on this list and USA’s all time favorite dancer. He is also a great family person who loves to spend time with his pets. He has a Pit Bull mixed puppy with an adorable name “Lulu” and adopted pet horse with a funny name “Smoke”. These 2 celebrity pets can be seen how they pose with their popular owner.

Adopted Celebrity Pets - Lulu

Adopted Celebrity Pets

4. George & Ryan Gosling

George is a deceased dog now, but he was best friend with Ryan Gosling for 17 years. He was a mix-breed and Ryan loves to talk about him often as a person. Gosling believes that George was more than a dog because he was way smarter than the other average dogs‘. George was different than the others, if you want something from George, first you have to convince him that was for his own good, says with a smile on his face Ryan Gosling.

Celebrity Pets - Deceased George

 3.  Miley Cyrus & Her 13 Celebrity Pets

Can you imagine? 13 pets! Wow, Miley is definitely living the dream we all want. Among this 13 pets you can find dogs’, cats and one adopted Piggy. This 13 animals are not all hers. Two of them belong to her fiancee Liam Hemsworth. We will present you 2 of her pets and if you want to see her other 11 celebrity pets then you should check the following link.

One Of The 13 Celebrity Pets

One Of Miley's 13 Celebrity Pets

2. Bambi, Norman & Kylie Jenner

Bambi and Norman are Italian Greyhounds and celebrity pets. Their owner is the popular model and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner. You can see her how much she loves her dogs’ on her family’s reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and on the social networks. Check their photos, they are so cute!

Celebrity Pets - Bambi & Norman

Celebrity Pets - Norman & Bambi

1. Baxter & Ryan Reynolds

For our favorite superhero we have a special place on this list. Ryan Reynolds it seems like the type of guy that wins on every field in life. He has a beautiful wife, great kids and according to Ryan, he didn’t plan to take Baxter, but now he has an awesome sidekick too. Maybe this can help them as an idea for Deadpool 3, to take Baxter as his companion.

Celebrity Pets - Baxter

Celebrity Pets - Baxter & Ryan Reynolds

Was your favorite celebrity on this list? We hope that this article was interesting enough for you and that’s why we would like to offer you another list with 15 of everything.

Sincerely yours, Animals Universe.

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